Friday, May 6, 2016

15 Worst Packers Draft Picks of the Ted Thompson Era | Ticket King Inc.

Ted Thompson's strategy of draft and develop is both well-known, and well-documented. Sometimes he hit, sometimes he is indifferent, and sometimes he misses. There are two, number one picks on this list, and of course they take the first and second spot of “Packers draft busts,” but we’ll save them for the last on the list. For now, here are the top fifteen Packer draft busts of the Thompson era.  

15. Marvel Underwood/DB- The Packers 4th round draft choice in 2005, Underwood was expected to come in and be one of the safeties. That never happened, and he was released by the Packers during the 2007 season.
14. Jeremy Thompson- One of the Packers 4th round draft choices in 2008, he just never recovered from his collegiate injuries and recorded 9 tackles in his NFL career.
13. Corey Rodgers- One of the Packers 4th round draft choices in 2006, Rodgers never made it to the Packers 53 man roster that season and was released before the season even began.
12. Terrell Manning- When Thompson made the Terell Manning the Packers 5th round draft choice in 2012; he expected big things from the former North Carolina State Tar Heel. That just didn't happen and Manning and spent just one miserable season with the Packers.
11. Marshall Newhouse- The ever polarized Newhouse was the one of t he Packers 5th round draft choices in 2010. Packers fans rejoiced when he was released in 2013.
10. D.J. Williams- Thompson thought he was getting an athletic pass catching tight end when he selected Williams in the 5th round of the 2001 NFL draft. Williams had work ethic issues and was released by the Packers in 2013.
  9. Jerron McMillian- Thompson thought he was getting Nick Collins replacement when he traded up into the 4th round in 2011 to draft this man. Instead, McMillian was released after just one and a half miserable seasons in Green Bay.
  8. Abdul Hodge- One of the Packers third round draft choices back in 2006, the Packers thought they were getting their long term answer at inside linebacker. After several injuries, Hodge was released in 2008.
  7. Alex Green- Thompson thought he had his running back when selected the Hawaii product Alex Green in the third round in 2011. After several knee injuries, Green was released in 2013.
  6. Khyri Thornton- One of the Packers third round draft choices in 2014, the team struggled to find a spot for the talented Thornton and he is already out of Green Bay, currently playing for the Lions.
  5. Brian Brohm- The Packers second round draft choice in 2008 was expected to push Aaron Rodgers. Well, we all know how that turned out and Brohm was released not even two seasons later, which prompted the rise of Matt Flynn.
  4. Jerel Worthy- One of the Packers two second round draft choices in 2012 along with Casey Hayward, Worthy had problems learning the scheme and injury issues. He was traded to the Patriots in August of 2014. He's bounced around to four different teams since the Packers picked him in 2012. 
  3. Pat Lee- One of the Packers three second round draft choices in 2008, Pat Lee was expected to be what Sam Shields has become for the Packers. Instead, Lee suffered injuries, had problems learning the system, and had some off the field issues as well.
  2. Derek Sherrod- When Ted Thompson made Derek Sherrod the Packers first round draft choice in 2011, he thought he had his franchise left tackle. Instead, injury after injury derailed Sherrod's career, and he was finally put out of his misery when the Packers released him in 2014.
  1. Justin Harrell- The ultimate definition of a bust. When the Packers made Justin Harrell the 16th overall selection in 2007, they thought they were getting a pro-bowler and their cog in the middle of the defense. Harrell was lazy, couldn't learn the system, and was gone at the end of the 2010 season. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blink 182 Comes to Summerfest 2016 | Ticket King Inc.

Blink 182 Summerfest tickets
Blink 182 comes to Summerfest 2016 on July 5. The pop-punk trio is set to release their next album just before they come to Milwaukee. Believe it or not, but the band is now twenty years old! They will be supported by All Time Low, another band of that era. Blink tickets for Summerfest can be found after May 7th, when the tickets go on sale through the box office.

Blink 182 released six albums to date, starting with their 1995 effort titled "Cheshire Cat." The band would produce Dude Ranch, before hitting it big with their album titled "Enema of the State." That disk featured Travis Barker, and came with a bit of controversy. Had the band "sold out" when their sound was cleaned up? Their punk roots were scrubbed clean, and many original fans moved on to other bands. Still, it's tough to argue that the band should have stayed in that tiny musical spectrum. Punk rock is great, but after a while, most band want to stretch their musical wings. Blink did just that, by adding pop sounds to their style. 14 year old boys certainly loved Enema of the State. Now those 14 year-olds are 34, and have the funds to attend this upcoming show at the Marcus Amphitheater. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tim McGraw Summerfest 2016 Tickets | Ticket King Inc.

Summerfest Tickets 2016
Tim McGraw will perform on the Marcus Amphitheater stage July 3rd, at Summerfest! His music precedes "Bro Country" by a country mile. Kacey Musgraves and Ryan Kinder will open the show. You can find McGraw tickets on our Ticket King Summerfest page. All Marcus Amphitheater tickets include admission to the entire Summerfest grounds, so get there early and check out all the free music!

What more can be said about Tim McGraw that hasn't been said before? He got his first hit song way back in 1994, about the same time he married Faith Hill. It was the "Top Country" album for that year, according to Billboard Magazine. One year later, All I Want was released at number one, selling over two million copies in short order. Support of that album turned into one of the most profitable tours in the USA that year. "Everywhere" and "A Place in the Sun" were the next two albums, both huge successes in terms of sales. By the year 2000, it was time for McGraw to release a "Greatest Hits" album. How did that one do? Better than all the rest.  Tim McGraw gave his touring band a huge "thank you" by allowing them to record the 2002 album, titled "Tim McGraw and the Dance Hall Doctors."

Monday, April 11, 2016

Paul McCartney Summerfest Tickets | Ticket King Inc.

Paul McCartney Tickets Summerfest 2016
The incomparable Paul McCartney comes to Summerfest 2016 on July 8. He’s one of the most well known rock musicians in the world, and the tour is titled “One on One.” Spend three hours with one of the four Beatles! Tickets for the McCartney show will be on sale after April 15.

If you were to try to guess at what songs Paul McCartney plays at a live show, you are not alone. Fans could probably have no problem with a set entirely made up of Beatles songs. While Paul wrote many of the now famous tunes back in the day, his career continued for decades after the Beatles went their separate ways.  He first released a solo album in 1970, on the Apple label.  That album contained the song “Maybe I’m Amazed”, which had McCartney’s signature sound. The album hit number one in the United States, and number two in England. McCartney would go on to record one more “solo” album with Linda McCartney before forming Wings.

When Wings came to be, their first album didn’t seem to get much traction. While it managed to crack the Billboard top 10, the album never made it to “platinum” sales status.  Some even thought that the “low-fi” style of recording, and sound was due to the fact that McCartney “rushed” the album’s release. That theory was baseless, but the disk was certainly “stripped down.”

McCartney went on to release “Ram” in 1971, and in that same year, the first Wings album came out. Linda McCartney joined Paul on that project, along with Denny Laine and Alan Parsons. Denny Seiwell provided the anchor on drums.  Wings released Red Rose Speedway and Band on The Run in 1973, with the latter being one of the top albums of that year. By 1974, the album became the best selling album of that year. Wings made five more albums before calling it quits in 1979. As for solo albums, McCartney made another fifteen! His last album came out in 2013.