Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Where to Park at Lambeau Field | Packers Parking Options in Green Bay | Ticket King

On Packers game day, people are looking for the best parking options in Green Bay. As most of us know, Packers games are sold out for years to come.  That's why we're here, to find the right tickets for you. The same can be said for Parking options at Lambeau Field. Those parking spots can be just as hard to find, unless you have the inside track on where to find the right spot for you. Do you like to tailgate?  Then you want to park at the Ticket King parking lot, or at Lambeau Field.  Do you want a fast getaway? Then you might want to try a spot that a private homeowner might be offering.  Either way, her is your handy guide to Parking at Lambeau Field.  By the way, Ticket King Green Bay is just yards from Lambeau Field, and we won't park you in!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Packers Versus 49ers Predictions | Ticket King Inc.

Packers versus 49ers tickets
As the Green Bay Packers prepare to take on the 49ers, fans of the "Green and Gold" are looking to shake off the bad "mojo" of recent games between the two teams.  In the 2013 playoffs, Colin Kaepernick shredded the Packers for 181 rushing yards on the ground, and 263 in the air.  The Pack thought that they were ready to take care of business in 2014, but fell short 23-20.  It's a different team this season, but that speedy QB is still at the helm of the 49ers.

San Francisco has a new coach.  Also gone are Anthony Davis, Patrick Willis, and Chris Borland. Frank Gore took the position over at the Colts, and it sure seems like the their draft picks aren't going replace so many solid starters.  It could be a long season for "Niners fans."

Green Bay has lost starters as well, but most of them are to injury. The Pack is coming off their third win of the season.  Will they be looking to redeem themselves? You bet they will. Rodgers found a way to take down a stout Chiefs defense last Monday night. This weekend, it's a game on the road. Our prediction: Packers 27 - 49ers 21. For Packers tickets to home and away games, trust Ticket King. 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Packers Versus Seahawks In Week Two | Ticket King Tickets

Packers Versus Seahawks 2015
Can the Packers put the Seahawks at 0-2 by Sunday night? Green Bay has so much to play for in this upcoming rematch of the 2015 NFC Championship game. It's something that the team talked about since training camp started. On the flip side, the Seahawks are probably looking at the weak defensive performance that Green Bay put up against the Bears and thinking that they have a great chance to right the ship.

The Seahawks have lost a few key players during the off season, and Green Bay has lost a few to injury.  On top of the Jordy Nelson injury, the Packers lost Sam Barrington for the rest of the season. Who's the replacement for Barrington?  Nate Palmer. Palmer looked pretty good on Sunday, amassing seven tackles in the game against the Bears.  Still, the defense as a whole needs to ramp up their play, if they hope to make a difference.  Thankfully, Palmer was the play caller all through training camp and the preseason. He's going to be tested thoroughly this Sunday night.

The Pack hopes to have Morgan Burnett back in the lineup against Seattle. Burnnett did practice, and he looked good. Still, he's calling this a "team effort" when it comes to stopping Marshawn Lynch.  One thing is for sure, if the Rams found a way to score on Seattle, the Packers will be watching for those same opportunities.  If Green Bay shores up their issues related to penalties and the run defense, they have a great shot at being 2-0 by Monday morning.      

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who Will Make The MLB Playoffs in 2015? | Ticket King Inc.

MLB Playoffs
We felt that it was time to take a moment to see what Tim Bryce thinks of the upcoming MLB playoffs for 2015. Mr. Bryce writes for Ticket King from time to time. He's doesn't mince words when it comes to baseball. 
Well, at the moment the Milwaukee Brewers find themselves with a record of 53-72 and 20 games behind the Chicago Cubs for the second Wild Card position. The point I am making here is that barring the most improbable comeback in the history of the American sports, there will be no September miracle for the Brewers this year. As we approach September, the playoff races begin to heat up. Let's take a look at the various playoff races across the league.

The Washington Nationals began the season as the runaway favorites to win the National League by a good 10-15 games. That hasn't happened, at all, and at this point it won't happen. The New York Mets have arrived a year early and have pushed the Washington Nationals out of the top spot in the National League East. The Mets currently hold a five game lead over Washington.

The National League Central is without a doubt the strongest division in baseball at the moment. Three of baseball's best four records are all in the National League Central. The St. Louis Cardinals have a record of 78-45. Right behind them are the Pittsburgh Pirates with a record of 74-48, just 3.5 games behind St. Louis. The Cardinals lead was much bigger two months ago, so this should get interesting. The Chicago Cubs find themselves in third place with a record of 72-51, six games behind the St. Louis Cardinals. At the moment, Pittsburgh will host the Cubs in the Wild Card play in game.

Out in the National League West it is the Los Angeles Dodgers in the lead with a record of 67-56, good for a 1.5 game lead over San Francisco, who has a record of 66-58. The Giants have had a miserable season in regards to injuries, and are really suffering without Hunter Pence right now. The Diamondbacks currently sit in third place with a record of 62-61, five games back. Don't be surprised if the Diamondbacks come back and take this division.

Over in the American League East the Toronto Blue Jays, my preseason choice to win the World Series, have surged past the New York Yankees and into first place with a record of 69-55. The Blue Jays had a great trade deadline, acquiring shortstop Troy Tulowitski and starting pitcher David Price. The Yankees are sputtering right now and currently hold a record of 68-55. The Baltimore Orioles sit in third place with a record 62-61 and have lost four in a row due to an abysmal four game sweep at the hands of the Minnesota Twins over the weekend.

In the American League Central it is the Kansas City Royals with a record of 75-48, good for the second best record in baseball in first place by 12.5 games over the Minnesota Twins. This divisional race is all but finished.

The American League West features a three team race. The Houston Astros, who have also arrived a year earlier than expected, hold the top spot with a record of 69-56. Behind them is the resurgent Texas Rangers, with a record of 64-59, 4.5 games out. Behind them are the fading Los Angeles Angels, with a record 63-61, five games out. The Angels have lost four in a row and are 3-7 in their last 10 games.

At the moment, the American League Wild Card race is a mess. The Yankees hold a four game lead over the Texas Rangers, the team with the second Wild Card spot. After that, it is anyone's guess. The Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Angels are both 1.5 back of Texas. Baltimore is two games back. Tampa Bay, 2.5 back. Detroit is five games back, The White Sox are 5.5 games back, the Cleveland Indians are 6.5 back, and the Seattle Mariners are 7.5 games back. This one is going to come down to the wire.