Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Motley Crue Comes To Milwaukee in 2015 | Ticket King Inc.

Motley Crue tour tickets
It's been over a year since Motley Crue announced that this would be their last tour, ever.  The band has been on the road for months, and they return to Milwaukee in 2015. Crue fans laughed along with the band when they signed their crazy death pact. This tour and these shows will be the very last.

Motley Crue formed in 1981.  This L.A. based band has remained active throughout the decades, taking breaks here and there, but never calling it quits for good.  In their first few years, Nikki Sixx was working on and off with Tommy Lee.  Eventually, Vince Neil and Mick Mars joined in the effort, and Motley Crue was on their way.

Motley Crue 2015 Tour

The last leg of the very last Motley Crue tour will begin on July 22, in Eugene Oregon. The band will travel along the western states for the last ten days of July, then head to the Midwest in August. The Milwaukee show date is set for August 7, at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.  The final show will be on December 31, 2015 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This is your last chance to see the band, and they mean it. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dave Matthews Band Returns to Alpine Valley in 2015 | Ticket King Wisconsin

DMB Tickets Alpine Valley WI
Dave Matthews returns to Wisconsin for two nights in 2015. July 25 and July 26th are set for Alpine Valley,  East Troy Wisconsin.  Dave loves to play Alpine, and his fans certainly come out in big numbers. This tour will include some new music from an album that is due to come out this year. Tickets for the show can be found here.

As of November 2014, the band released a three disk set that covered their live show at the Green Theater in Berkeley, CA. This disk will also include a DVD. The disk will be made up of the best songs that were performed during the three show stint. This is not to be confused with the 2015 release.

Dave Matthews Tour Dates for 2015

The summer tour starts in May, with the band performing at the Austin360 Theater on May 13. At the time of this post, the band has booked eight shows for May 2015.  In June DMB starts performing in amphitheaters in the southern US, and then it’s off to the east coast.  The band will spend most of July on the road. The Wisconsin dates are preceded by a show in Quebec, with a concert at the MidFlorida Credit Union in Tampa just three days after the second Alpine Valley gig.  There may be more tour dates added to the 2015 tour, but it looks like the last show will take place on September 13, at the AK-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

Packers Road to the Super Bowl Now Goes Through Seattle

Super Bowl Tickets
Packers fans would probably like to forget their home opener this season. Green Bay lost to a very fired up Seattle Seahawks team.  The team just couldn't put together a solid game plan to counter the Seattle defense. Since that time, there have been a few teams that found a way to win.  Green Bay will surely be looking at film, trying to incorporate the game plans of teams like Kansas City, St. Louis, Dallas, and San Diego. Will the Packers head to the Super Bowl? All they need is one more win.

Super Bowl XLIX Tickets 

Should Green Bay go on to win at Seattle, Ticket King will have Super Bowl tickets for sale, the moment the NFC Championship game is over.  Kickoff for the NFC Championship game is set for 2:05pm this Sunday. The Seahawks are coming off a win against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers finished their season with a 7-8-1 record. This was one of those rare occasions where a team with a losing record made it to the playoffs. They lost to Seattle twice this season. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Packers Tickets for 2014 Playoffs On Sale Now | Ticket King Inc.

Packers Playoff Tickets
The Green Bay Packers are NFC North Champions for the fourth season in a row. If Green Bay makes it to the Super Bowl, one thing will certainly make the "highlight" reel. The image of Aaron Rodgers heading back to the sidelines after going down just before the half this past Sunday.  Packers playoff tickets for the the game at Lambeau are available now. Kickoff is set for January 11, at Green Bay.

Aaron was nursing an injured calf, before heading into the game against the Lions. He was listed as "probable" earlier in the week, and most fans knew he would give it a go. What surprised most fans was the fact that he further injured that same calf while scrambling to his right.  Nothing spectacular, just a run to avoid the oncoming rush. He hobbled twice, and flipped the ball to Randall Cobb for a touchdown. The stadium went silent when he didn't get up.  Slowly, a chant rose from the crowd "MVP! MVP!" It was certainly a moment for the football ages. Now, the Packers will get to take next week off, since Green Bay defeated the Lions once again. 

Shu Adds Insult To Rodgers' Injury Late In The Game

Finally, fans across the country witnessed Ndamukong Suh "accidentally" step on Rodgers' bad calf.  The game was almost in the bag for Green Bay when Suh stepped backwards onto Rogers leg with one foot, then another, then pushed off. If you watch the reply from the other side of the field, you can see that T.J. Lang was actually pulling Suh forward, but he still found the need to take a second step back, after certainly knowing that he was stepping on a player.  The second step wasn't so bad, until one notices that Suh seems to push off and put his full weight on the second step.  This is not the reaction of someone who finds themselves unintentionally stepping on a player.  Also, after years of playing in high school, college, and the pros, a top notch defensive player knows how to stay off another player's legs, hands, or feet. Either way, the Packers are on their way, and the rest is history.