Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Packers Push Past Lions With A Little Help From the Officials | Ticket King Inc.

The Packers entered Monday Night Football at home against the Lions expecting to and six point favorites. Put the non penalties aside, and this game was anything but boring. The Lions came out firing with a “flea flicker” on play number one, and another long yardage pass in series two. The Green Bay crowd was subdued in the middle of the first quarter as the Lions took a 10-0 lead. Meanwhile, the Packers couldn’t get out of their own way. The Packers had been moving the ball throughout the night. Two fumbles and an interception can sink a team most days, but the Lions were giving Rodgers time, packing the secondary and covering the wide-outs. Finally, key players stepped up late in the game, and Mason Crosby made the game-winner as time expired.

Aaron Rodgers seemed to be cool the entire game. The touchdown pass to Allen Lazard will be a career highlight pass, to be sure. Rodgers stayed steady all night long, and found Lazard for four catches and a crucial touchdown. In the huddle and on the sideline, Rodgers lobbied for Lazard to take the game over, and the pair worked in tandem beautifully. Jamal Williams returned to the lineup in great form, becoming a key offensive player on the field tonight. Williams finished the night with a combined 18 touches for 136 yards and a touchdown.  After playing the breakout game of his career, the Packers needed another performance like that in this one. Instead, Jones went the other way, with a costly fumble and a dropped touchdown reception.

Who in the world thought Allen Lazard would be the Packers clutch receiver tonight? Brought back to the roster, and sitting in spot number eight on the depth chart, Lazard stepped in tonight to make some big catches and a key touchdown in the fourth quarter. Rodgers mentioned in the post game press conference that Lazard was calling for a chance to run specific routes in the huddle. This came after Aaron was pulling to have Lazard enter the game. The plan worked beautifully. The Packers needed someone, anyone to hang onto the ball tonight, and Mercedes Lewis stepped up to do just that in two key situations. Darrius Shepherd was responsible for the Aaron Rodgers interception and should have called fair catch on a fumbled punt. He’s a small sized player that just needs to settle into the postion of punt returns. The Packers stand atop the NFC North, with a record of 5-1. As Aaron Rodgers said “Bad calls have a way of evening out by the end of the season.” On this night, they went the Packers’ way.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Packers Win On The Road at Dallas | Ticket King Inc.

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The Green Bay Packers went into Dallas, coming off their first loss of the season. They faced the 3-1 Dallas Cowboys in a game that gave the Packers their first true test of 2019. The first 40 minutes of the game could not have gone any better for the Packers, as they held a 31-3 lead towards the end of the third quarter. Packers fans hearts pounded the rest of the way, as the Cowboys staged a furious comeback and got within 10 points. A missed field goal secured the Packers victory 34-24. Let’s review the game.

Aaron Jones/RB- Aaron Jones could not have picked a better day to have the game of his life. The Packers offense was without Davante Adams and Jamal Williams for this one, and they lost center Corey Linsley in the first half due to a concussion. Jones ended up with 26 touches for 182 yards from scrimmage and four touchdowns.

Za’Darius Smith/OLB- One of the three big defensive free agent signings and now the Packers defensive captain, Za’Darius Smith dropped Prescott twice and was in his face all afternoon.

Preston Smith/OLB- The other Smith was in Pres
cott’s face all game as well. The Packers are getting more than what they paid for with these two.

Aaron Rodgers/QB-  Aaron is getting more comfortable each week. Without Davante Adams, possibly the best receiver in the NFL at the moment, Rodgers was comfortable all game, finding nine different receivers to throw to.

Tra Carson/RB- In a surprising move, Tra Carson got called up off the practice squad to be the backup running back for this one, not the rookie Dexter Williams. Carson had 10 touches for 32 yards, picked up key blocks, and gave Aaron Jones much needed spells throughout this game.

The Referees- We tend not to complain about the referees as both teams get both helped and hampered by officiating over the course of an NFL game. This game had plays that will certainly be reviewed by the NFL offices. It was that bad. 

Run Game- Aaron Jones is a workhorse back. In this game, Jones showed us why he is so highly thought of, carrying the Packers to a crucial road win. He is a dynamic player, but they cannot rely on him to stay at top form, given his size. They need Jamal Williams back.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Brewers Get One Game Shot in MLB Post Season 2019 | Ticket King Inc.

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Our hometown favorites have nabbed a Wild Card spot for the 2019 MLB Post Season. After 162 hard fought games, it all comes down to nine innings to decide if they can slide into the playoffs. If they do make it, there are very high hurdles ahead. For those in the hunt, there are four "100 win" teams to contend with, a powerhouse Dodgers team, a currently hobbled Cardinals team that won't stay down for long, and upstart Braves organization that just might surprise everyone this year. Here we lay out our best guesses for the upcoming MLB Post Season. 

The 2019 MLB regular season has come to a close. The Houston Astros finish the season with 107 wins, tops in either league. Three other teams won 100 or more games: The Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and the stunning surprise of the season, the Minnesota Twins. Speaking of those Twins, they were indeed the surprise of 2019. They won 56 games on the road and set the Major League record for home runs in the season by one team. So how about the postseason?

National League Wild Card Game: Nationals vs. Brewers- The Brewers picked the wrong time to lay an egg. The Cubs handed them a gift the final weekend of the season, and the Brewers just couldn’t keep the wins going. Milwaukee heads to D.C. to face Max Scherzer for a one game Wild Card battle.

American League Wild Card Game: Athletics vs. Rays- Two small market teams with unique approaches to the game will face off in this one. Expect both teams to use a lot of pitchers.

National League Postseason
Divisional Round
Dodgers vs. Nationals- The Dodgers cruised through the entire season without much of a test. They will get one here by facing Strasburg twice, and Scherzer once. At the end of the day, this should be a well-pitched series across the board, and the Dodgers should pull it out at the end.

Braves vs. Cardinals- Two weeks ago fans were ready to pick the hard-charging Cardinals to win the World Series. This last week has shown cracks in that consesus. The Cardinals are going in reverse at the wrong time. The Braves have a lot of talented young arms. Braves could pull this off in four games.

Championship Series
Dodgers vs. Braves- This one comes down to those young arms for Atlanta. Can they handle the bright lights of the National League Championship Series? If they can, it’s going to be an amazing series. That is a big “if” though. If not, then the Dodgers cruise back into the World Series. The final result will fall somewhere in the middle. The Dodgers could take this in six games.

American League Postseason

Divisional Round
Astros vs. Rays - This one isn’t going to be much of a contest. The Astros are an awful match up for the Rays. Houston most likely advances in a sweep.

Yankees vs. Twins- The Twins could make this postseason very interesting if they keep up the pace and “ding dongs”. With their ability to win road games and that strong offense, they can take anyone down anywhere, on any day. One missing piece of their “armor” is that they got the voodoo in their head when they go to New York these days. Yankees will probably take the series in five games.

Championship Series
Astros vs. Yankees- The series we’ve been waiting for all season. Two powerhouse teams going head to head in a titanic grudge match. The difference in this series is going to be those two battle-tested hurlers at the top of the Astros rotation, Zach Grienke and Justin Verlander. We pick the Astros to advance in seven games.

World Series
Astros vs. Dodgers- Here Will this be the rematch of perhaps the best World Series of the last 25 years? Fans have to take into account that the Astros went from being baseball’s great experiment, to being baseball’s great prophecy. Can they do it again? These two teams match well. This one is a push that could go either way. Our resident sports “Guru” T.J. Bryce picks the Astros, in seven amazing games.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Packers Look to Improve in Week Two | Ticket King Inc.

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The Green Bay Packers are coming off a week one win that was either sloppy or impressive, depending on which side of the ball you examine. On offense, they were as bad as they have been for an entire game since perhaps their 4-12 season under Mike Sherman. We just don’t expect the Packers offense to stall out for an entire game outside of one drive, as they did in week one. So we move on to the defense. According to advanced analytics, the Packers defense had their best game in almost a decade. Next up, they play their home opener against the Minnesota Vikings. So what to expect this week?

Aaron Rodgers- For starters, number 12 has got to be better than he was in week one. Against the Bears, Rodgers was 18 of 30 for 203 yards, over 25% of which came on one throw, and a jump ball touchdown. I can’t remember the last time Aaron was that cold for an entire game. They can’t expect that defense to hold teams to three points every week, no matter how much it has improved.

Aaron Jones/Jamal Williams- This was supposed to be the season these two became the focal point of the offense. In week one they combined for a total of 21 touches for 54 yards. Time to hit the reset button and try again, although running on the Vikings defense over the last 20 years or so has been a lost cause for the most part. The Vikings have always had an overpowering and dominant front seven, as they do right now. Matt LaFleur may need to bluff his way through one more week before establishing the running game.

Davante Adams- By all charts and projections, 2019 was supposed to be the beginning of the three-season apex point of the career of Davante Adams. He is 26, just entering his prime, is a fully developed player, and is already a two-time All-Pro. It didn’t get off to a good start. In week one he had four catches for 36 yards. This week he draws perhaps the best cover man in the game, Xavier Rhodes. Perhaps Adams waits one more week before his season gets going. Maybe, maybe not.

Offensive Line- The offensive line was just terrible in week one. Now, they draw perhaps the best pass rush in the league with the Minnesota Vikings. The news just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? David Bhaktiari is the best offensive lineman in the game, and he is going to have to play like it against the All-Pro Danielle Hunter.

Rush Defense- If the Packers are going to find a way to win this game, they are going to need another dominant defensive performance, specifically from the rush defense. Dalvin Cook blew up and swept right past the Falcons defense in week one. Stopping him is priority number one for the Packers defense.

Pass Rush- Kirk Cousins is outstanding when he has time. But the moment he feels pressure he folds like a paper clip. If they are going to win this game they need to pressure him.

Final Score: The only way we see the Packers winning this game is if their defense comes up with another heroic effort as we saw in week one, and the offense improves. 20-13 Vikings.