Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Somewhat Humorous Dive Into The Upcoming NCAA Football Bowl Games

2014 Bowl GamesIt’s time to take a look at the notable bowl games prior to New Year’s Eve. This week, lets take a look at the “really big” NCAA Football bowl games outside of the playoffs.  For this job, we decided to ask our favorite sports guru Tim Bryce to describe each game in a few short sentences. 

Peach Bowl, Mississippi vs. TCU - Earlier this season, Mississippi was the second ranked team in the country and two weeks ago it appeared as if TCU was going to back door their way into the playoffs. But Mississippi stumbled to the f
inish line this season and the playoff selection committee chose Ohio State over TCU. TCU’s defense is insane and that will be the difference in this game. TCU will be able to find touchdowns while Mississippi doesn’t. TCU wins by a few scores.

Fiesta Bowl, Boise State vs Arizona - It used to be a huge deal when a mid-major like Boise State made the Fiesta Bowl. Now it is not so big of a deal with the disappearance of the BCS. If the BCS were still in play, neither team would be in this game. But this is the match up we have, and Boise State should win what will be a good game.

Orange Bowl, Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech - Oh my, Mississippi State is going to wonder for the rest of all eternity what could have been in 2014. The Bulldogs were once the number one ranked team in America and were all but in the playoffs. But two losses to finish the season leaves them in the Orange Bowl against a very underrated Georgia Tech team. If the Bulldogs are not careful, this could be a loss, and I think it will.

Outback Bowl, Auburn vs. Wisconsin - For Outback Bowl tickets, check our inventory here. The old 19 vs. 18 match up features the horrible defense of Auburn versus the inept quarterback play of Bucky Badger. This game features two teams who had good seasons, but were nowhere near the playoffs from the start. This is going to be a high scoring game featuring about eight million rushing yards.

Cotton Bowl, Michigan vs. Baylor - This game is basically Baylor’s unstoppable offense vs. Michigan State’s brick wall of a defense. Whoever wins that war of attrition wins this game.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Packers Tickets For Monday Night and 2014 NFL Playoffs | Ticket King Wisconsin

Our Ticket King Green Bay office, just yards from Lambeau!
The Green Bay Packers play under the lights at Lambeau Field next Monday Night. They take on the Atlanta Falcons, in a game that could further separate the Pack from the Lions, depending on how Detroit performs the day before. It's down to four more games in the regular season for the NFL. The Packers play the Falcons, Lions, Bills and Buccaneers. They currently stand at 9-3, after taking down the Patriots at home.

Packers versus Falcons Tickets

Ticket King has tickets for the Monday Night Football game.  Our Green Bay office is just south of Lambeau Field, by roughly 100 yards. You can't miss us, if you are driving up Oneida Street, on your way to the game. We have parking available, spaces for tailgating, and we can point you in the right direction if you feel like grabbing a meal before walking up to the "Frozen Tundra." Packers fans hope that the team keeps bowling over opponents, and they land a home playoff advantage.  If they do, we're your most trusted source for Packers playoff tickets. Since 1992, based in Wisconsin, locally owned and operated, Ticket King. Go Packers! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Linkin Park Summerfest 2015 Tickets | Ticket King Milwaukee

Linkin Park Summerfest 2015
Linkin Park comes to Summerfest 2015 on June 30. This “rap rock” band has been going strong for eighteen years. Although the band has produces just six albums in that time, their following is strong. The band is made up of your basic “guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, but their twist is having Joe Hahn backing that up with turntables and samples. Linkin Park Summerfest tickets are on sale today. Opening for Linkin Park will be A Day To Remember.  

Judging by the number of views of their song “Numb”, it’s safe to say that it’s one of their biggest songs, from their most popular album, Meteora. 20 million in sales to date, pretty much puts this disk at the top.  It’s been eleven years since that album came out, and while it has its place in the museum of “Alternative” music, the band has certainly evolved. A taste of their more up to date sound can be found on the album titled Living Things. The song “Lost in the Echo” is a fantastic example of a cleaner song, but something that still relies upon that tried and tested rap feel.

In 2014, the band released The Hunting Party. Linkin Park produced the album on their own, and sent Rick Rubin (the famous record producer,) packing before the project began. The album will surely hit “platinum” status. Upon its release, number of units sold was peaking at 149,000 copies after week number two. At the time of this post, the record has sold nearly one million copies worldwide.  The album is much more about the “rock” side of things, but with rap styling on the vocal end.   

Monday, November 17, 2014

Kenny Chesney Plays Lambeau Field In 2015 | Ticket King Wisconsin

Kenny Chesney Lambeau Field Tickets
Lambeau Field will host its second concert ever in 2015. Kenny Chesney will return to the Green Bay venue on June 20, 2015, along with Jason Aldean, amidst a summer stadium tour. Chesney is the only act to have played Lambeau Field since its groundbreaking nearly 50 years ago, performing in 2011 in front of a sellout crowd. Despite rave reviews of that 2011 concert and calls to host more live music, ongoing construction over the past three years has forced officials at Lambeau to put a hiatus on events other than football until now.

Chesney's The Big Revival Tour and Aldean's Burn It Down Tour are scheduled to coincide for 10 shows at football stadiums across the country. Starting on May 2 in San Francisco and ending in Boston on August 28, the duo's show at Lambeau will be third on the slate.

The show, expected to last a whopping six hours, will feature a number of other special guests, including Brantley Gilbert and Cole Swindle. Tailgating in the Lambeau Field parking lot will begin at 1PM and the show gets underway at 5PM.

Both Chesney and Aldean are coming off of major Billboard hit releases. Chesney's album of the same name as his tour managed to top the charts in October with nearly 150,000 copies sold in its' first week.  Aldean, meanwhile, will highlight songs from his wildly successful latest album “Old Boots, New Dirt”.