Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Denver Nuggets

Tonight the Milwaukee Bucks will play the Denver Nuggets at the Bradley Center at 7pm. The Bucks are fresh off a 102-87 win against the New York Knicks. Tickets are still available for the game and the Bucks are working hard to build up their fan base. In an effort to boost attendance and fan support, the Buck's own Andrew Bogut has created "Squad 6." He has given away free tickets behind the opposing team's bench to fans who have proved their high levels of spirit. Fans that continue to show dedication to the Bucks can continue to get these complimentary tickets.

Besides Squad 6, the Bucks also have new motto and a stunning new rookie. Rookie Brandon Jennings has proved to be a stud by continually scoring most of the Bucks' points.

Support the Bucks! They deserve it.