Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ticket King Green Bay, the slow season starts but Miller Park Opening Day and Summerfst are fast approaching

I called our Ticket King Green Bay office the other day. Our office manager was shoveling the sidewalks, and his co-worker was washing the windows. With the Green Bay Packers wild card game ending in a loss, the office is quiet.

The Ticket King Milwaukee office has a slow period too, but it's really just about six weeks. From the day after the Super Bowl, to the end of March, it's time to catch up on things. By April, we're selling Milwaukee Brewers opening day tickets for Miller Park. Summerfest shows are being announced, and if we had our wishes come true, the Milwaukee Bucks would be well above the .500 mark. I'll take two out of three.

So the guys up in Packers country will have a clean office, take some time off to be with family, and then start selling the Packers tickets in June. Since their busy season runs throughout the summer, they try to get vacations in during late winter. I hope that they go someplace warm. Sometimes they hit the road during the Packers road games. It's good to sneak away from it all and head to the north woods of Wisconsin, or west to Madison.