Friday, February 5, 2010

Rascal Flatts Bradley Center Floor Seating from Ticket King Milwaukee

Rascal Flatts floor seating at the Bradley Center is available now at Ticket King Milwaukee. The Bradley Center stage is certainly tall enough for those of you who sit on the main floor. We can't guarantee that the people in front of you wont stand and dance all night long, but you could join them in the fun. Rascal Flatts is on 2/26/10, and the music starts at 8pm. We suggest that you spend some pre-show time at Major Goolsby's. They have a great staff, good food, and lots of room. Major Goolsby's is just south of the venue, on Kilbourn and 4th Street. Sports Illustrated rated Major Goolsby's as one of the top sports bars in the nation.