Monday, May 10, 2010

Ticket King Has Milwaukee Brewers Tickets For All Games This Week!

Milwaukee Brewers are Finally back in town this week! Tonight's series begins against the Atlanta Braves. Monday and Tuesday's games start at 7:10pm and Wednesdays at 12:10pm. After a day to rest the Brewers will take on the Phillies on Friday night at 7:10pm.

I'm hopping there is nice weather on Saturday afternoon because I will be attending the game and feel like it will be very packed considering its been a while since the Brewers were home and playing against such a popular team. Miller Park tickets have been flying out the door today already. It seems like everyone has Brewers Fever again! The game on Saturday is at 3:10pm. The Brewers have been a little bit of hit and miss lately but I'm hopping with the support of Milwaukee fans they will do great this week! GO BREW CREW!!!