Monday, August 30, 2010

Aaron Rodgers Converts Brett Favre Fans here at Ticket King

Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre
Aaron Rodgers passed for 195 yards in the first half of the Lambeau Field game this past Thursday night. His stats surely tell us that he's ready for the regular season to start. What does it tell the huge Brett Favre fans here in the Milwaukee Ticket King office?

Aaron Rodgers VS Brett Favre

  • Favre turned over the ball three times vs Seattle
  • Rodgers has yet to throw an interception in the preseason
  • Favre can't scramble as the pocket breaks down, like he used to
  • Rodgers picked apart the Colts defense by scrambling and stepping up to pass
  • Favre led the team for 242 yards against the Seahawks, but failed to make a touchdown pass
  • Rodgers tore up the AFC Champion Colts, threw three TD's, and had 195 yards passing at the half.

Preseason is just a warm up. We all know that when the regular season starts, Brett Favre's experience will help to bring about a better performance. I'll take youth and talent over age and experience. As for the Favre fans in the office. They still like that old Viking.