Monday, September 27, 2010

Green Bay Packers Spirit Day at Ticket King Milwaukee

Today is Green Bay Packers spirit day here at Ticket King Milwaukee. I know what you're thinking, every day must be spirit day in our office, but we love our Wisconsin sports teams. Everyone in our office wore Green Bay Packers gear as we munched on brie, pita chips, and fruit salad. Tonight is going to be an epic match up between the Green Bay Packers and the team we love to hate, the Chicago Bears. Whichever team emerges victorious from tonight's game will become the NFC North division leader and the only team in the NFC with an undefeated record. That is definitely something to celebrate! If you haven't had the chance to see the Green Bay Packers in action this season or in seasons past, you have to get Lambeau Field tickets. Lambeau Field is an incredible experience that no Green Bay Packer fan should ever miss. Thankfully, Ticket King Milwaukee has a great selection of tickets available. Go Pack Go!