Monday, September 26, 2011

Milwaukee Brewers Playoffs Tickets from Ticket King Milwaukee

Milwaukee Brewers playoffs ticketsAfter Ryan Braun's deal sealing home run during Friday night's Brewers game, the Milwaukee Brewers have clinched the NL Central. The Brewers celebrated this exciting moment with champagne showers and on-field hugs. Though Brewers baseball will continue into October, the dates of the first Milwaukee Brewers playoffs games have not been set in stone. Ticket King Milwaukee has Milwaukee Brewers playoffs tickets available, but home field advantage has not been determined for the first round of playoffs. If the Brewers earn home field advantage, Game 1 and 2 would be as early as this Saturday and Sunday. If the Brewers do not earn home field advantage, Home Games 1 and 2 would be next Tuesday and Wednesday. Thus, when purchasing your Brewers playoffs tickets, keep in mind that the game dates have not yet been determined.