Monday, October 10, 2011

How 'Bout Those Brewers? | Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Tickets

Milwaukee Brewers NLCS TicketsHow 'bout those Brewers? Our Milwaukee Brewers are not messing around--they've already won the first game of the NLCS series against the St. Louis Cardinals. Last night's Brewers come-from-behind-win was amazing to watch and let's hope the Brewers will win again tonight. Tonight's Brewers game begins at 7:05 and Miller Park's roof will be open. If you still want to go to the game, you can because we still have Milwaukee Brewers tickets still available for tonight. Tickets will have to be picked up in our downtown Milwaukee office located at 751 N. Broadway, on the corner of Broadway and Mason streets. We will be in the office until 6 PM. After tonight's game, the Brewers will travel to St. Louis to play three more games. If the Brewers do not win a total of four games by the end of that time, they will return to Miller Park for two more games.