Friday, November 11, 2011

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Tickets

Packers Vikings ticketsGreen Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings tickets are still available for Monday night's game at Lambeau Field. Cheer the Packers on to a 9-0 record as they face the Minnesota Vikings. I don't like to make assumptions, but I have a pretty good feeling that the Packers will easily defeat the Vikings. As you all know, the Vikings are at the bottom of the NFC North and the Packers are at the top. I don't see them losing that position any time soon. In fact, if they Packers keep up this impeccable record, we will be talking Packers playoffs tickets soon. The Packers will also be honoring our nation's veterans at Monday night's game. Remember to get to Lambeau Field early as there have been longer security lines at the entrance gates. I guess all there's left to say is, "GO PACK GO!"