Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Phish Alpine Valley Tickets

Great news for Phish fans! Phish will perform for two nights this summer at Alpine Valley: Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st. Phish concerts are truly unique experiences as no two concerts are ever alike. Phish concerts feature extended jam sessions of their songs and song lineups are never the same. Phish's sound incorporates a wide variety of types of music including (but certainly not limited to) folk, rock, jazz, psychedelic rock, classical, funk, and country.

Phish gained widespread popularity primarily through word-of-mouth. A huge culture formed around the band's tours with fans often trading recordings of live shows (similar to the way the Grateful Dead gained popularity). The band released its 14th studio album, Joy, in 2009. Phish last performed at Alpine Valley for two nights in August of 2010. It's great to see them back again. Phish tickets are available for both nights.