Friday, April 6, 2012

Florence and the Machine Tickets 4/28

In case you're wondering, Florence and the Machine tickets are still available for their April 28th performance at the Eagles' Ballroom in the Rave. I'm really excited about this concert as Florence and the Machine is one of my favorite groups at the moment. I'm still kicking myself for not seeing them open for the Black Keys at Summerfest last year, but thankfully I have another chance to see them perform in Milwaukee. I have to admit, it's been awhile since I've been to a show at the Rave, but I think the Eagles' Ballroom will be a great venue to see Florence and the Machine because of the wide open space. Sometimes I just want to see a band perform without being confined to neat aisles and rows (and chairs). Florence and the Machine, a British group fronted by Florence Welch, gained popularity in the United States a couple of years ago with their smash hit "Dog Days Are Over." Florence and the Machine at the Eagles' Ballroom on April 28th is not to be missed!

For your viewing and listening pleasure, here's an acoustic version of Florence and the Machine performing "Cosmic Love" live: