Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dave Matthews Band Alpine Valley Tickets

It's not truly summer until you see the Dave Matthews Band live at a beautiful outdoor venue in the wilderness. In case you have forgotten, Dave Matthews Band will perform this Friday and Saturday at Alpine Valley (a beautiful outdoor venue in the wilderness). Ticket King Milwaukee can help you find great Dave Matthews Band Alpine Valley tickets for both Friday and Saturday night.

Upon conclusion of this summer tour, the Dave Matthews Band will release its 8th studio album. I bet you will hear some previews of this album this weekend at Alpine Valley. The Dave Matthews Band has long reigned as the champion of live concerts and you can expect to hear old favorites paired with new hits, served with a side of new improvisations. No two Dave Matthews Band concerts are alike and that is an impressive feat for a band that has been touring since the early 1990s. If you do decide to see Dave Matthews this weekend at Alpine Valley, just remember to leave with plenty of time to get to East Troy. Traffic can move a little slow as you get close to the venue, so if you're planning to tailgate, keep that in mind.