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Milwaukee Brewers 2014 Full Schedule | Ticket King Wisconsin

Brewers 2014 Season Schedule
An exciting home-stand against the Braves will begin the Milwaukee Brewers 45th year in the majors. The team announced their full 2014 schedule earlier this month, revealing a mixture of enticing interleague play, two exhibition games, and the return of a number of forgotten opponents to Miller Park.

The Brewers 2014 schedule starts on Monday, March 31st. Atlanta visits until that Wednesday, before the Brewers head to Boston for their first away-series of the year. The team stays on the east coast for another meeting in Philadelphia, and then returns to Miller Park to open divisional play against Pittsburgh.

Fans will have a chance to see their team prior to the start of the regular season at Miller Park as they take on the Kansas City Royals in a pair of exhibition games on March 28th and 29th.

Following the series at the Red Sox, the Brewers remaining interleague schedule is one of their best in years. The team plays the entire American League East through May, June, and July, including their first games in Toronto and Tampa Bay in nearly a decade. Baltimore makes their first trip to Miller Park since 2008 as part of the interleague schedule, and a rare home-and-away two-game series against Minnesota is the highlight.

There is no love lost between the Brewers and their division rivals St. Louis and Chicago. In 2014, Milwaukee plays 13 unique series against their fellow NL-Central counterparts, in addition to multiple meetings with the Reds and the Pirates. The Brewers host 11 consecutive games at Miller Park in September for their longest home-stand of the season. From the 4th to the 14th, the Cardinals, the Marlins, and the Reds travel to Milwaukee. The 10-day schedule is straddled by a pair of 9-game away-series.

Marking the last road-trips of the year, the Brewers take-on the Padres, San Francisco, and Chicago from August 25th to September 3rd. Then, following the home-stand, the team meets in St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati from September 15th to the 24th. The Brewers end the 2014 season at Miller Park against the Cubs on Sunday, September 27th.

Milwaukee Brewers 2014 Schedule

      -        Mar. 28th - 29th vs. Kansas City (Exhibition)
-        Mar 31st – Apr. 2nd vs. Atlanta
-        4th - 6th @ Boston
-        7th - 10th @ Philadelphia
-        11th - 13th vs. Pittsburgh
-        14th - 16th vs. St. Louis
-        17th - 20th @ Pittsburgh
-        21st - 23rd vs. San Diego
-        25th - 27th vs. Chicago Cubs
-        28th - 30th @ St. Louis

      -        1st - 4th @ Cincinnati
-        5th - 7th vs. Arizona
-        9th - 11th vs. New York Yankees
-        13th - 15th vs. Pittsburgh
-        16th - 18th @ Chicago Cubs
-        19th - 22nd @ Atlanta
-        23rd - 25th @ Miami
-        26th - 28th vs. Baltimore

      -        May 30th – Jun. 1st vs. Chicago Cubs
-        2nd - 3rd vs. Minnesota
-        4th - 5th @ Minnesota
-        6th - 8th @ Pittsburgh
-        10th - 12th @ New York Mets
-        13th - 15th vs. Cincinnati
-        16th - 19th @ Arizona
-        20th - 22nd @ Colorado
-        23rd - 25th vs. Washington
-        26th - 29th vs. Colorado

      -        1st - 2nd @ Toronto
-        4th - 6th @ Cincinnati
-        7th - 10th vs. Philadelphia
-        11th - 13th vs. St. Louis
-        18th - 20th @ Washington
-        21st - 23rd vs. Cincinnati
-        24th - 27th vs. New York Mets
-        28th - 30th @ Tampa Bay

      -        1st - 3rd @ St. Louis
-        5th - 7th vs. San Francisco
-        8th - 10th vs. Los Angeles
-        11th - 14th @ Chicago Cubs
-        15th - 17th @ Los Angeles
-        19th - 20th vs. Toronto
-        22nd - 24th vs. Pittsburgh
-        25th - 27th @ San Diego
-        29th - 31st @ San Francisco

      -        1st - 3rd @ Chicago Cubs
-        4th - 7th vs. St. Louis
-        8th - 11th vs. Miami
-        12th - 14th vs. Cincinnati
-        15th - 17th @ St. Louis
-        18th - 20th @ Pittsburgh
-        22nd - 24th @ Cincinnati

-        25th - 27th vs. Chicago Cubs