Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dave Matthews Summerfest 2014 | Ticket King Wisconsin

Dave Matthews Band Summerfest tickets
Taking a break from performing at Alpine Valley this summer, the Dave Matthews Band will play at Summerfest 2014 on July 2. Tickets for Dave Matthews are just one click away.  The Marcus Amphitheater is where you will find the band that evening. After all, you can't expect such a popular band to play on a smaller "free" stage, can you?  This makes four Summerfest headline shows booked, with six more to go.

Dave Matthews is now two decades into making great music. The lineup has changed just a bit over the years, with LeRoi Moore, Peter Griesar, and Butch Tayolor no longer with the band. LeRoi Moore passed away in 2008. He was replaced by none other than Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck.  As many fans already know, every show is different.  The band plays "versions" of their songs, with no two being the same.  If it's summer, Dave Matthews is on tour somewhere.  They sat out just one season since 1991.

New Album In The Works For DMB

It's been nearly two years since the band has released an album.  Prior to that, they were busy putting out live and studio albums with regularity. In fact, DMB is one of the few band to put out more live albums than studio efforts. The band has released 18 live disks, and just eight studio albums. On top of that, they encourage fans to record their live shows, meaning that there are literally hundreds of "taper" recordings floating in the web.  As of late 2013, it was made known that the band was working on yet another album. We'll see if that disc comes out in time for summer.