Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Packers Game Tickets 2014 | Buy Sell or Upgrade Your Tickets Today

Ticket King Green Bay Office
With the Green Bay Packers being sold out for years to come, the best way to obtain 2014 tickets is to use a trusted ticket broker. Ticket King can get you in the game, on the road or at home. We're members of the BBB and NATB, and Packers tickets are what we do.

Green Bay opens the season on the road, at Seattle.  The Seahawks are coming off their Super Bowl victory, and you can bet that this is one of the biggest games for both teams, right out of the box. Green Bay fans haven't forgotten the "catch-no catch" call from the strike season, and this is the first game where the Packers have the chance to bury that bad old memory. The game is set for September 4, and all eyes will be on two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Packers host the New York Jets on September 14, and it's the afternoon game on CBS. Green Bay will be fresh off a nine day break, since the opening game is on a Thursday night. The Jets are coming off of a .500 season, Rex Ryan is still at the helm, and they have the Patriots in their sites, but first they have to play all three NFC North teams, then take on the Chargers and Broncos. Their first test will be a game at home against the Raiders, then it's off to Lambeau Field to play the Packers. You can bet that if Green Bay loses their opener, they will be frothing at the mouth to get a win at home against New York.

Packers versus Lions: The Lions will play host in Green Bay's first NFC North match up of 2014. The date is set for September 21, and kickoff is at noon. The Lions said goodbye to their head coach, thinking that he didn't utilize the talent that was handed to him.  With the Lions, you never know what you are going to get.  At home, they have managed to defeat Green Bay five times since 2000.  On the road, they haven't won a game against the Packers in that same time span.  So here it is, Detroit's chance to be 6-23 overall, going back fourteen seasons.

Green Bay's road trip doesn't get any easier, as the team heads to Chicago on September 28. Will Julius Peppers sack his old teammate time and time again? Will the Packers need another amazing "4th Down Miracle" touchdown pass to seal the game? All we know is that it's going to be exciting football, and it's just a few weeks into the season. Packers tickets for road games are always available.

Upgrade Your Packers Tickets In 2014

We'll take a look at the next four Packer games in another post. If you are looking for Packers tickets for any of the upcoming home and road games, be sure to check out our site.  We have offices in Green Bay and Milwaukee. We're happy to upgrade your tickets as well. Call (800)334-5434 or (414)273-6007.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Miller Park Carry In Policy Essentials | Ticket King Inc.

Carry in policy at Miller Park Milwaukee
The Milwaukee Brewers, like any professional sports team, have a list of prohibited items, should you think about spending a day at the ballpark. With thousands of people looking for a good time at Miller Park, there will always be a few newcomers that just need to know what they can and can’t bring into the venue. To help fans enjoy that good time, we offer the following “Rules of Conduct and Carry In” information for you. Below is a short summary of that list.

Alcohol - Alcohol is available for purchase inside the ballpark, but fans are not allowed to bring it in. This is Wisconsin, and we’re known to imbibe with the best of them. Heck, we have the best tailgating in the country, and part of that stems from the fact that we (used to) make most of the beer that is consumed in this great land. Nobody is stopping you from tippling before the game.  You just have to finish your “brewski” before you walk through the gates. What kind drinks can one obtain inside Miller Park? The alcohol sold within the stadium varies, depending on what section you are sitting in, and what levels you happen to be on. Can you get hard liquor? There are a few areas designated for such drinks. The vendors that roam the stands will sell mostly beer and possibly malt-liquor based beverages.  With all the tailgating that takes place prior to the games, it’s best that hard liquor is found in limited quantities inside the ballpark. There is no need to try to sneak in that home brew you whipped up just before the game.  They have you covered.

Brooms/Broomsticks - “Sweeping the broom” during a playoff series, in which one teams sweeps the other, is a very common theme in baseball. However during the regular season (and in the playoffs,) it is a big “no no” to bring along your O-Cedar from your kitchen closet.  Some people prefer to create a sign or banner that might include a picture of a broom as part of the artsy mix. Banners are allowed, as long as they are not offensive, nor can the banner interfere with the game, or obstruct views.  

Hard Sided Coolers/Snack Containers - Light sided coolers and containers are allowed, but they are restricted in size. The largest cooler allowed can be no bigger than 16X16X8. You can expect that cooler or bag to be inspected.  If you have to ask why, see the rule on alcohol listed above.     

Glass Containers – We find it pretty obvious as to why you cannot bring glass containers into the ballpark. Glass is dangerous.  Glass items can break, and we don’t want anyone getting hurt at the old ballpark.  If your liquids are in plastic, as they should be, they must also be sealed from the point of manufacture. Even if your mom makes the best lemonade in the world, you need to leave it behind.  Keep the lemonade in your car for post-game tailgating.   

Laser Pointers - Why would someone bring a laser pointer to the ballpark? To distract a player? That’s the last thing we need to see. Something like the following could easily occur: "Braun steps back up to the plate, swings at the pitch, oh no, strike three, game over.  Wait a minute; someone seems to have blinded him with a laser pointer. That’s probably going to keep Braun from playing in the next series.”  Laser pointers at sporting events are not fun. In fact, they are dangerous, and they just might get you removed from the game, possibly for life! Let’s all keep those pesky laser pointers at home, were they are best reserved for distracting your cat.  

Noise Makers - We have all heard about those professional sports teams that encourage people to bring a cowbell to the next home game. You are probably thinking Admirals hockey at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. We’re talking about baseball, at Miller Park. Keep that cowbell tied to "Bessie" and don’t even think about dragging along that big, plastic vuvuzela you saved from the 2010 World Cup. This is not World Cup Soccer. This is the most treasured sport in America, and we don’t use noisemakers.  We use our loud voices and clapping hands. Like anyone is really going to hear a noise maker in a crowd of 40,000 people? "Accessory free" cheering is much more fun anyway.  

Throwing items – Throwing something onto the field or in the stands is probably the quickest way to get booted from Miller Park. First, if you actually think that someone won’t see you do it, you must think that you are invisible. In your section alone, there might be 500 Brewers fans, eyes wide open, all watching out for foul balls. Tossing that plastic cup after a bad call from the umpire will be witnessed by dozens of people, including security. Brewers fans come to watch Yovani Gallardo pitch, not you. And finally, you can’t bring a baseball into a baseball stadium. It’s an interesting rule, and completely understandable. 

Weapons – No weapons allowed.  It’s a day of baseball, not weapons. You’ll be safe, because nobody else has a weapon at Miller Park. The worst thing that can happen at the ballgame is that you end up with condiments on your worn out Robin Yount jersey. The one that you still insist on wearing, even though your wife has told you a thousand times that you just don’t fit in it anymore. 

So there you have it, our carry-in essentials for Miller Park. We may not have a complete list here, but we covered the important ones. Now get on out there and enjoy the game!     

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

US Cellular Arena Name Changed To UW - Milwaukee Panther Arena | Ticket King Inc.

Panthers Home Court
The now former “U.S. Cellular Arena” which sits on the corner of Kilbourne Avenue and 4th Street in Milwaukee, underwent a name change. It was announced last week that the 12,000+ seat sports venue is now dubbed the UW – Milwaukee Panther Arena. The renaming is part of a 3.5 million dollar, 10-year agreement between the site's owners and the local UW-Milwaukee University. The Wisconsin Center District, which also owns a number of other downtown institutions, said that the school will receive exclusive booking priority, signage, and even a new scoreboard as part of the deal. Seats at the UW – Milwaukee Panther Arena will be changed to black and gold, the university's colors.

Most of UW – Milwaukee's use of their new namesake will come from the men's basketball team, which has called the location home in the past, but never regarded it as a permanent host. Between 2003 and 2012, the team alternated home games between the then-U.S. Cellular Arena and the on-campus Klotsche Center. Last season, Milwaukee played all of their home games at the downtown location.

The deal revealed on Thursday assures the Panthers a place to call home well into the future. The team will host every opponent to visit Milwaukee at the UW – Milwaukee Panther Arena through the 2024 season, at least, with the option to extend the contract to 2029. If the university takes advantage of the option, it will make the stadium the program's longest continual home court since its inception in 1896. 

Who Calls The UW Milwaukee Panther Arena Home?

Three other tenants maintained contracts with the Wisconsin Center District through the name change. The Milwaukee Wave indoor soccer team will continue to play their home games at the venue during the 2014-15 season, and the Brew City Bruisers roller derby league will again host their events there. Just a year into their tenancy, the Green Bay Chill women's football team will also continue to play of the UW – Milwaukee Panther Arena.

Thursday's name change is the fifth revision of the title of the building, originally the city's premier venue. Opened as the Milwaukee Arena in 1950, the Milwaukee Hawks were the first to play regular games at the stadium. By 2000, when U.S. Cellular bought naming rights, the building had been called the MECCA and the Wisconsin Center Arena, hosting at various times the Bucks, the Admirals, Marquette's basketball teams, and a pair of arena football teams, the Milwaukee Bonecrushers and the Milwaukee Iron.