Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Neil Young Summerfest 2015 Tickets and Information | Ticket King Inc.

Neil Young Summerfest tickets
Neil Young is coming to Summerfest 2015 on July 5. He'll be backed by Promise Of The Real, a band that is quite a bit younger than Young. Where did Neil find this back up band? Considering that two of Willie Nelson's sons are in the band might point us to where he found them. Summerfest 2015 is the first stop on the "Rebel Content" tour!

The tour is made up of just twelve dates, with it all starting in Milwaukee. The tour ends on July 24 at the WayHome Music and Art Festival in Ontario.  Young will also be playing dates in Morrison, Clarkston, Camden, Wantach, and Mansfield.

Neil Young never stopped making music.  He just stopped playing live shows from time to time.  He enjoys his peace and quiet, preferring to stay on his "ranch" most of the time.  He's put out over forty albums, dating back to the late 1960's. Coming out this May will be "A Letter Home."