Thursday, January 7, 2016

Luke Bryan Summerfest 2016 Tickets | Ticket King Inc.

Luke Bryan Summerfest Tickets
Summerfest 2016 will feature Luke Bryan on July 7. In the dead of winter, country music fans now have something to look forward to. It's another country music show added to the ten day music festival on Milwaukee's lakefront.  Luke Bryan's latest album titled "Kill The Lights" is one of country music's biggest hits right now.

His latest effort came on the heels of "Spring Break...Checkin' out" which also came out last year. Just don't call Luke Bryan's music "Bro Country." Some may call him the father of that genre, singing about the same four or five things in every tune, but he's made it known that he's slightly offended by that term.  His fans don't seem to mind.  They love him just the same.