Monday, October 17, 2016

Packers Fall to the Cowboys at Lambeau Field | Ticket King Inc.

The Packers lost 30-16 at home this week to the visiting Dallas Cowboys. As Troy Aikman said at the end of the game, “It's been a long time since we saw the Packers play this poorly at home.” Well, he's right. The Packers played a very bad game, so bad that there isn't much to dive into here. Instead, this can be listed as one of those games where you just throw the tape out and move on.

The Denver Broncos are in full panic mode now as they have lost two straight games. Trevor Siemian has come way back to earth, and has looked really bad the last two weeks. In fact, he ha looked so bad the Broncos are considering trading for a quarterback before this week's trade deadline. Due to the success of Dak Prescott, Tony Romo is one of the names being thrown out there, although many believe he would be a bad fit in Gary Kubiak's system. The irony is they lost late to the San Diego Chargers, who have found ways to lose this season late in the game, and in this game did the exact opposite.

Apparently Chip Kelly doesn't think defense is necessary in the NFL. In Colin Kaepernick's first start in nearly a year, the 49ers game up 45 points to the Buffalo Bills. LeSean McCoy had a big game, with 19 carries for 140 yards and three touchdowns. Chip Kelly is a great college head coach, but he does not belong in the NFL. After the 49ers fire him, look for him to head back to the college game. The Panthers lost yet again, this time to the New Orleans Saints, in a wild one, 41-38. At this point, we are running out of ways to explain what is happening to the Panthers this season. Cameron Newton just simply walked out of the post game press conference and I don't blame him. This man needs to time to go think. In what was the game of the week, the Seahawks defeated the Falcons 26-24. The Falcons offense, which has been the best in the league this season, managed 24 points, and the running backs, which have been awesome for the Falcons, managed just 50 yards rushing.

Besides the Packers-Cowboys game, there were several other upsets to note. Following the Broncos Thursday night loss, the door was thrown wide open for the Raiders to walk right through and take over first place in the AFC West. Instead, they laid an egg against the Kansas City Chiefs, losing 26-10. Derek Carr, who has been the league's MVP to this point in the season, looked anything but. The Chiefs meanwhile ran the ball for 183 yards. Spencer Ware had 133 of those for the Chiefs. In the other big upset of the day, the Dolphins defeated the Steelers 30-15. Ben Roethlisberger, who was second in the MVP balloting early, had a very bad game, throwing for 189 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions.

This has been a very weird season so far, and to be honest, it's probably going to get even weirder.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Packers vs Cowboys Preview | Ticket King Inc.

packers vs cowboys
The Green Bay Packers are coming off a 23-16, a game in which the Packers were all over the place. Now, they face the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow. The Packers were all over the place last Sunday. Nowhere was this more apparent than with Mr. Aaron. Rodgers, as he finished the game 23-45 for 259 yards, two touchdowns, and also two interceptions. The first of those two weren’t his fault. The second was just dumb. At times he looked like the MVP Aaron Rodgers. At other times, he looked like mediocre Aaron Rodgers of the last 12 months.

Is any running back healthy enough to play? Last week, Eddie Lacy was at his best in the first half. Lacy had 11 carries for 81 yards, before rolling over his ankle. James Starks also suffered an injury as well. Both are currently listed as questionable. Lacy is probably going to play. Starks is still up in the air. Either way, the Packers currently have no third running back. Don Jackson, their practice squad running back, got most of the carries this week in practice. He might get signed today to play tomorrow.

About those pass catchers - Last week it was time to call out every single tight end and wide receiver on the roster, as fans were begging for one of them to get open. They started to find daylight last Sunday. Davante Adams looks like he has put his nightmare 2015 campaign behind him. Jordy Nelson has had some moments. Randall Cobb had a solid game as well. However, the drops issue is back, and it cost the Packers perhaps 10-21 points last week. Aaron's play right now, or lack thereof, is sort of in his head. It doesn't help when they drop passes.

An offensive line that is built to win- The Packers offensive line at the moment is one of the best aspects of this team. They have all stayed healthy so far this season, and they are truly built to win in December and January. It will only get better when Corey Linsley is ready to play as well, as J.C. Tretter, who has been playing center, can go back to his “supersub” role.

An award for courage- With Sam Shields and Damarious Randall out last week, Quinten Rollins got to cover Odell Beckham. He did about as good of a job as he could have under the circumstances, and should get an award for courage. Well done.

That Front Seven- The shining aspect of this team right now is the front seven, and this front seven is NASTY. To make matters worse for the opposition, this has been without run stuffing specialist Mike Pennel who is about ready to go, and very little contribution so far from first round draft choice Kenny Clark. This front seven will be tested tomorrow against the Cowboys and rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot.

Final Score- The offense is still trying to find its way, but man oh man oh man, this defense is tough so far. That alone will carry the Packers to a 20-13 win. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

NFL Review after Four Weeks of the Season Completed

The first four weeks of the NFL season have already come and gone. With that, here is our Ticket King review of what has happened so far, beginning with the AFC.

Over on the AFC East, the "Tom Brady-less" New England Patriots started 3-0, using their second and third string quarterbacks. The Bills brought them back down to earth this weekend though, defeating them 16-0 in Foxborough. Speaking of those Bills, they sit a game behind the Patriots at 2-2. The New York Jets, who have quarterback problems galore, as Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown 10 interceptions so far this season, are just 1-3, along with the Miami Dolphins.

In the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers have started 3-1, and now have the services of Le'Veon Bell again. Following an embarrassing loss to the Eagles, the Steelers rebounded this week, defeating the Chiefs 43-14 on Sunday Night Football. The Baltimore Ravens had a nightmare 2015, but are healthy this season and tied with the Steelers at 3-1. It's the same rivalry, with new names now. The Cincinnati Bengals, who many pundits believed was the best team in the league entering 2016, have started just 2-2. The Cleveland Browns are an expected 0-4.

In the AFC South, the Houston Texans are a very quiet 3-1 with their only loss being against the Patriots in week three. Other than that, they have looked pretty good. They will be without superstar defensive end J.J. Watt, who will miss the rest of the season after back surgery, and his career, might very well be over. If it is, he does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, because his career was short, but great. The Jaguars, Colts, and Titans are all tied at 1-3. 

Over in the AFC West, the Denver Broncos have surprised the world, starting 4-0. That defense might be one of the best we have ever seen. The young Oakland Raiders, a trendy pick to win the division in the preseason, are 3-1, and right behind them. The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-2, as to be expected, and the San Diego Chargers are 1-3, having some serious late game issues. Some are now calling for the Chargers to trade Phillip Rivers.

In the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles are the 3-0, having been one of the two teams with an early bye this week. Rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has been the best quarterback in the league this season, but how long will it last? Speaking of rookies, Dak Prescott has led the Dallas Cowboys to a 3-1 start, albeit against week opponents. The Washington Redskins, a trendy pick to win the division, are 2-2, as are the New York Giants.

In the NFC North, the Minnesota Vikings have survived at emotional month and are now 4-0. That defense is real, and Sam Bradford is exceeding expectations. The Green Bay Packers are 2-1, and coming off a bye. The Packers have played one good half of football to this point, so it is hard to judge who these real Packers are based on that. Sam Shields is still in concussion protocol, so that doesn't help. The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are both tied at 1-3 through four weeks.

In the NFC South, the Atlanta Falcons are off to a 3-1 start and Matt Ryan looks like his old self again. The New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 1-3. Also 1-3 is the true surprise of the season, the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers were a trendy pick to win the Super Bowl, and now might be without Cameron Newton for a while because of a concussion.

In the NFC West, the Los Angeles Rams are off to a surprising 3-1 start. The Rams lost their week one game in bad fashion to the 49ers 28-0, but have rebounded with three solid wins. Also at 3-1 are the Seattle Seahawks, who have given up a grand total of 48 points through four games this season. Tied at 1-3 are the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals, another surprise 1-3 team.