Sunday, January 22, 2017

NFC Championship Game Finds Packers Thin on Wideouts | Brady is no Longer Ageless | Ticket King

Packers NFC Championship Tickets
We have reached Conference Championship Sunday in the football calender. In the first game, our own Green Bay Packers will be traveling to Atlanta to take on the second-seeded Falcons. The second game gives us a red hot Pittsburgh Steelers team heading to Foxboro to take on the Patriots.

Falcons vs. Packers- Once again, much like last week, some of the life has already been sucked out of this game due to injury news for the Packers. They proved us wrong last week, but to be honest, the Packers match up a little better with the Cowboys than they do with the Falcons at this point in time. The Packers needed to be perfect in this game, just to have a chance. It's not looking good for the Packers tomorrow. Still, what a great and awesome joyride it's been. The Packers have been playing house money for a long time now, the poker is coming to an end very soon, and they are bleeding chips with all of these injuries piling up. They are holding a pocket ace. Might as well bet what they have, and pray they “hit an ace on the river.”

Final Score: Let’s just leave this guess alone for the week.

Patriots vs. Steelers- This is going to be the game of the year. The Steelers come into this game the red hot, winners of nine in a row. The Patriots are on a winning streak of their own. There is one thing to note going into this game for the Patriots, and it is a very significant one, so much so that Colin Cowherd pointed it out earlier this week. I know Tom Brady claimed he could play into his 40's recently, and he has looked great this season since returning from suspension. Father Time's wife, Mother Nature, is his biggest weapon in showing aging athletes just how old they really are. 39-year-old Tom Brady has thrown up two straight playoff clunkers, both in bad weather. If he throws up another clunker tomorrow, and Ben outplays him, Bill Belichick needs to call up Robert Kraft next week and say “Let's have lunch. We need to talk." Jimmy Garrappolo is 25, is former second round draft choice of theirs, and is the real deal. If Brady fails to deliver this weekend, they need to have that conversation. An athlete's skills go quickly these days. Aging athletes can look great, and then wake up the next morning and BAM! It's gone, just like that.

Final Score: 34-24 Steelers, with Tom Brady throwing up another clunker.

Friday, January 13, 2017

NFL Playoff Predictions | Ticket King Inc.

NFL Playoffs
There is no shortage of sports writers that have the entire NFL Playoff picture mapped out. Some have already predicted a "Patriots vs Cowboys" Super Bowl. Will that come to pass? Our in-house sports guy T.J. Bryce lays out his own outcomes for this upcoming weekend in the NFL.

Patriots vs. Texans- It could be the least exciting game of the weekend. The Texans have about as much chance to win this game as the Packers do of getting through a season without a significant injury. To even have a prayer, Brock Osweiler must play the best game of his life and the Texans must be perfect in all facets of the game. Even that wouldn't be enough though. Final score: 38-24 Patriots.

Falcons vs. Seahawks- The Seahawks travel to Atlanta to play perhaps the NFL's best offense this season, the Falcons, and there should-be MVP winner, quarterback Matt Ryan. Last week's Seahawks could beat these guys. The problem is that the Seahawks can't take that style on the road for some reason anymore. Matt Ryan should have an easy time at home throwing the ball to Julio Jones indoors and at the end of the day, the Falcons will pull away in the second half. Final Score: 38-27 Falcons.

Chiefs vs. Steelers- This is the game of the weekend. The red hot Steelers travel to Kansas City to play a Chiefs that swiped the AFC West from the Raiders at the buzzer following the Derek Carr injury. Originally to be played Sunday afternoon, this game will be played Sunday night due to an ice storm set to move through the Kansas City area Saturday night, and into Sunday morning. The Steelers have the NFL's best running back-wide receiver combo at the moment with Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. The Chiefs meanwhile rarely beat themselves. At this moment, this is what is known as a push in Vegas books. Should be a great game. Final score: 30-27 Steelers.

Cowboys vs. Packers- The Cowboys welcome the NFL's hottest team at the moment, the Green Bay Packers, winners of seven straight, and in impressive fashion at that to "Jerryworld" Sunday afternoon. What would have been the game of the year in the NFL has now had some of the air taken out of it due to Jordy Nelson and his fractured ribs. The Packers needed Nelson for that to be the case. This will still be a decent game, but at the end of the day, the Cowboys will be just too much for these Packers. The joyride in Titletown is over and what a dandy joyride it was. I have not seen a team get this far on house money in quite some time, and this team has been playing with house money since before Thanksgiving. Final Score: 34-27 Cowboys.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Will The Brewers Pick Up A Solid Free Agent for 2016? | Ticket King Wisconsin

Brewers Free Agent Prospects
We have reached the second week of January, and for many a free agent still on the market, it is starting to reach panic time. There are still some good players out there. But will anyone bite? The Milwaukee Brewers could use a few solid free agents to shore up spots on the roster. This post was put together by our "In House" Brewers expert T.J. Bryce. 

Jarrod Saltalamacchia/C- What an up and down career this man has had. From prize prospect of the Braves to young talent for the Rangers to big free agent contract to being released mid-season back to priority free agent status then once again returning to “wait and see” status. At some point he is going to get a contract, but from who, and for how much. I can't imagine anything more than one year at this point.

Matt Wieters/C- I am stunned this man is still on the market. Yes he has an injury history, but he is everything you want in a catcher when healthy. Good hitter, good game caller, good arm, etc. He is going to get an offer before Saltalamacchia.

Ryan Howard/1B/DH- Howard could be a productive DH for an American League team. Problem is, there are not many DH slots currently open and based on his age and weight problems, most American League teams have not even called him to this point.

Mark Trumbo/OF/1B/DH- This is the big stunner to this point. Trumbo is coming off an MVP caliber season and he is still on the market. He has a draft pick attached to him, which is slowing down the process, and is something that will go away next year in this new CBA, but he will get a deal eventually, probably returning to the Orioles, but at their prices. Rumors are he and his agent are still overreaching, which is not helping the process either.

Adam Lind/1B/DH- Unlike several others on this list, it is not surprising Lind is still out there. He will get a contract though. Currently the Rangers are considering Lind, which is not surprising since they have hole at first base due to the Prince Fielder fiasco.

Jose Bautista/OF/1B/DH- This is the biggest name still on the market, but the least surprising name to still be out there. Bautista has been a jerk about his free agency since last year, when he said he would not take anything less than four years and a 100 million. He and his agent are still overreaching, but it's pointless at this junction. He needs to just take the Blue Jays offer and shut up.

Jason Hammel/SP- Really the only pitcher of value left on the market is the former Chicago Cub, who did not make the Cubs postseason rotation last year. Hammel wants to sign a contract, with the promise that he will stay put the entire contract without being traded. That is hard to promise though, which is what is holding up the process.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

NFL Playoff Preview | Ticket King Inc.

NFL PlayoffsHere were are, the start of the NFL playoffs. Who will win this weekend's match-ups? We turn to T.J. Bryce for his expert opinion on "All Things Football." Will things turn out the way he predicts?

Raiders @ Texans- Brock Osweiler or Tom Savage vs Matt McGloin or Connor Cook or the ghost of Kenny Stabler or whoever the Raiders roll out there. This is going to be a very low scoring game with poor quarterback play. If Connor Cook can find the end-zone against supposedly the best defense in the league under these circumstances he should get a crown. The Texans will do just enough on offense and Osweiler will figure out a way to score a touchdown or two perhaps. Final Score: 13-6 Texans.
Lions @ Seahawks- The Seahawks got the luck of the draw here. Any other NFC playoff team or the good Redskins team (not the one we saw this past Sunday,) and they are one and done. Sometimes though, it's better to be lucky than good. I will say this, the Seahawks need Russell Wilson now more than ever. With a defense that is reeling, and no running game at all. Wilson needs to go punch for punch with the likes of Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning and Matt Ryan just to get to the Super Bowl and a potential rematch with (what I predict will be) Tom Brady. But for this game, the home field advantage will be enough. Final Score: 27-20 Seahawks.
Dolphins @ Steelers- Adam Gase should get serious consideration for coach of the year after the way the Dolphins kept fighting following the Ryan Tannehill injury. However, the feel good story ends here. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and the rest of that all-world Steelers offense will be too much for the Dolphins to handle. 34-20 Steelers, and to be honest, this one could get bigger than that. We might see a little Landry Jones at the end of this game for Pittsburgh if the score gets to three touchdowns late depending on the flow of the game.
Giants @ Packers- The feature game of the weekend will be its best. Aaron Rodgers vs. Eli Manning. Two of the best of their generation in a classic quarterback duel. The Packers are the favorites in Vegas, although there should be no favorite in this game. However, this is exactly what the Dallas Cowboys wanted. Their two biggest potential obstacles to the Super Bowl playing each other in round one and one of them will be knocked out before they even get to the Cowboys. Final Score- 38-34 Packers.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Packers Tickets for NFL Wild Card Game at Lambeau Field | Ticket King Inc.

Packers Playoff Tickets
The Green Bay Packers are NFC North champs! The team "ran the table" and locked in a Wild Card home game at Lambeau Field this Sunday afternoon. It's the Packers vs Giants! Looking for Green Bay Packers tickets? We have you covered. We're open on game day in Green Bay. Looking for bus transportation to Green Bay from Milwaukee? We're running a bus trip from Major Goolsby's to Lambeau Field. Go Packers!

Brewers Off Season Moves and Improvements for 2017 | Ticket King Inc.

The Milwaukee Brewers have made a flurry of small off-season moves as other teams continue to reach for the big names. Here's a review of what they have done so far. It's hard to say at this point who will make the big league club and who won't.

Andy Oliver/LHP- The Brewers signed left handed pitcher Andy Oliver to a minor league deal on Dec. 18. Oliver has not pitched in the Major Leagues since 2011. He has a June 15th opt-out clause. Oliver was once a highly thought of pitching prospect in the Tigers organization towards the end of the previous decade.

Eric Sogard/IF- Sogard, who is 30, is a defense-minded infielder who has had some moderate success at this level with the Oakland Athletics from 2013-2015. He could potentially provide defensive flexibility of the bench for Milwaukee.

Hiram Burgos/IF- Burgos has spent his entire career with the Brewers organization and this is a simle re-sign.

Tommy Milone/LHP- The Brewers signed former Twins starter Tommy Milone to a one year, 1,25 million dollar Major League deal on Dec. 15. Even though his full salary is not guaranteed, Milone will be expected to compete for a starting rotation spot and some even think this could open up a move for Wily Peralta to go to the bullpen.

Jett Bandy and Drew Gagnon- On Dec. 13, the Brewers traded catcher Martin Maldonado to the Angels for catcher Jett Bandy and pitcher Drew Gagnon. I am interested to see if Bandy ends up as the Brewers opening day catcher.

Ryan Webb/RHP- Former highly thought of Padres farmhand Ryan Webb is getting one last chance, signing a minor league contract with the Brewers with the opportunity to make the bullpen out of Spring Training.

Ivan De Jesus/IF- On Dec. 12, the Brewers signed journeyman Ivan De Jesus to a minor league contract. De Jesus will have a fair opportunity to make the club as a utility man off the bench.

Tyler Thornburg trade- Perhaps the Brewers most significant move of the off season so far. On Dec. 6, the Brewers traded standout relief pitcher Tyler Thornburg to the Red Sox in exchange for third baseman Travis Shaw, minor league Mauricio Dubon and right handed pitcher Josh Pennington. Thornburg was about to get very pricey for a setup man, and for a team like the Brewers who aren't going anywhere for a while, pitchers like Thornburg are a luxury.

Eric Thames/1B- The Brewers most significant free agent signing this off season. Thames will receive 16 million in guaranteed money and 4, 5, and 6 million a year for 2017, 2018, and 2019. By putting all of the money up front this a brilliant move by David Stearns. If Thames works out, the will have a cheap first basemen for a few years, if not, they will have the ability to move him as his cotract won't be hard to move.