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Ticket King's 2018 MLB Preview

MLB Preview 2018
The 2018 MLB regular season is almost upon us. Opening Day is March 29, a week early than normal. The idea is to try to not have the postseason go into November with starting so early, and also to give the players a couple of extra days off during the season. Let’s dive right in, starting with the National League.

National League

NL East
1. Washington Nationals(98-64): This current version of the Nationals has been very good for a long time. But, they have yet to get the job done in October. Will that change in 2018?

2. New York Mets(90-72): A year ago, I predicted these Mets to win the World Series. Injuries an internal arguing changed all of that. The team now has a new general manager and manager, and their first order of business is to get Matt Harvey sorted. If they do that, they could make some serious noise.

3. Philadelphia Phillies(80-82): Woah, let’s back off that Phillies train a little bit here. I know they have a lot of talented young players, and the signing of Jake Arrieta to boost that rotation, but let’s finish somewhere other than last place before we go any further, okay?

4. Atlanta Braves(74-88): A year ago the Braves looked like baseball’s next hot young team. Then the big scandal broke this offseason about manipulating their international free agent signings, and now former GM John Coppolella has now been banned for life as a result plus the team has been stripped of 13 international prospects. Team President John Hart resigned, and former first overall pick shortstop Dansby Swanson looks like a bust to this point.

5. Miami Marlins(50-112): This is the worst team in the league, and the worst team we have seen in years. They will set the record for most losses in a season.

NL Central
1. Chicago Cubs(97-65): Theo Epstein has built the Cubs up into one of the biggest baddest teams on the block. Expect another strong season on the north side. But will it translate into another World Series title?

2. St. Louis Cardinals(88-74): The Cardinals, eternal contenders, are fielding another solid team this year. 2018 will be very simple for this ballclub- how much of an impact can they make and how far can all of that young talent, led by those two pitchers, Alex Reyes and Jack Flaherty take them?

3. Milwaukee Brewers(80-82): Yeah the Brewers made two splashy moves this offseason, signing Lorenzo Cain and trading for Christian Yelich, to improve their outfield. In the process though, they created an outfield logjam that hasn’t been settled yet, even with Ryan Braun going to first base, and they did nothing to improve a below-average pitching staff. I fear they are about to settle back into that cycle of mediocrity again.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates(73-89): The Pittsburgh Pirates return to prominence ends with one NLDS participated in to go along with a couple of Wild Card games played in. We will never know what those Pirates could have accomplished if they would have just believed in themselves.

5. Cinncinati Reds(67-95): The Reds have a lot of promising young players, but they are still very early in their long rebuild.

NL West
1. Los Angeles Dodgers(97-65): These aren’t the Dodgers from about five years ago that throws money around like drunken sailors. General Manager Andrew Friedman has not been afraid to spend, but he spends intelligently. What he has mainly done, is spend the majority of his fund locking down the Dodgers young talent long term, and will continue to do so. Clayton Kershaw is a free agent this upcoming offseason, but I don’t expect the Dodgers to let him get to the airport.

2. Colorado Rockies(87-75): The Rockies are a good team now, but I don’t think they are quite as good as their record showed a year ago. They still don’t have a rotation. Still, 87 wins is a good season.

3. San Diego Padres(80-82): The Padres are a good young boring team that is slowly getting better. They went out this offseason and added first basemen Eric Hosmer for not just his talent, but for his leadership skills and big game experience. This Padres team is one year away from being ready for the big time, finally.

4. San Fransisco Giants(77-85): The Giants had a 2017 to forget which was a sign that their run was coming to an end. Unlike what most teams would do in that situation, they went the other way, going out this offseason and emptying their farm for the likes of Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutchen. This is now baseball’s new “old, overpaid, underachieving” team.

5. Arizona Diamondbacks(75-87): Who are the real Diamondbacks? Does anybody know? They have been as up and down the last few seasons as a team could be. Well, according to their current trajectory, 2018 will be down.

Manager of the Year: Dave Martinez/Nationals- Martinez does a great job in year one, settling the Nationals down, and finally fixing the clubhouse tension.

Rookie of the Year: Victor Robles/OF/Nationals- The next great National is outfielder Victor Robles, who has a combination of speed and skill rarely seen. He is a true five-tool player.

MVP: Kris Bryant/3B/Cubs- Bryant continues to add to his already impressive resume with a second MVP award.
American League

AL East
1. Boston Red Sox(94-68): The Yankees made the big offseason splash, trading for superstar right fielder Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins. Yeah, that’s nice, the Red Sox are still the much better team.

2. New York Yankees(90-72): Speaking of those Yankees, here they are. Everybody is on the Yankees train, but I don’t think this is going to work out as well as a lot of people think. Having two high strikeout guys in the same lineup back-to-back is a bad idea and after these two(Stanton and Aaron Judge)strikeout 400 times between the two of them maybe people will change their minds.

3. Baltimore Orioles(81-81): The ultimate definition of the .500 team, the Orioles will do just that in 2018. That’s about as far as a great offense and no pitching staff gets you these days.

4. Toronto Blue Jays(80-82): There is really not much to say here. The Blue Jays are just another average team. Moving along.

5. Tampa Bay Rays(69-93): The Rays finally let go of the past this offseason, trading away Evan Longoria and others, and will let the bottom fall out in 2018. This is the beginning of a long rebuild.

AL Central
1. Minnesota Twins(97-65): The Twins weakness was their rotation. So they fixed it. Jose Berrios is now established in the major leagues and will ascend to the top of that rotation. They added Lance Lynn, who’s one weakness is fly balls, and he will thrive in Target Field, the building where all fly balls go to die. They added Jake Odorizzi, another fly ball pitcher who will excel in Target Field. Stephen Gonsalves, the southpaw, who it seems like we have been hearing about for 30 years, is finally ready for the major leagues. Still, 97 wins? Yes. See, in baseball, to project win-loss records, you have to examine the division as a whole. The Twins and Indians get to beat up on three bad teams, whereas the Yankees and Red Sox don’t.

2. Cleveland Indians(95-67): These Indians are still very good, but at this point, the Twins may be just a little bit better than them. They did lose Carlos Santana this offseason and that will hurt the offense a little bit.

3. Kansas City Royals(71-91): No, these Royals will not finish around .500. They lost too much this offseason with the likes of Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain.  Low-70’s win total seems more correct.

4. Chicago White Sox(69-93): The White Sox have young talent and are getting there. But they’re not there quite yet. I project 2019 will be mid-70’s for this team, and then 2020 is where they will return to contention.

5. Detroit Tigers(68-94): The Tigers finally, and I mean FINALLY, saw the obvious, and let go, trading away the likes of Justin Verlander, J.D. Martinez, Justin Upton, and others for prospects. 2018 is going to be a long season in the Motor City while they sort through all of these prospects.

AL West
1. Houston Astros(112-50): Speaking of teams that get to beat up on inferior opponents, here’s the undisputed king of that at the moment. The reigning World Series champions are just that much better than the rest of their division right now. If they don’t win the AL West in 2018, it will be one if the biggest failures in baseball in recent memory. The question is, can baseball’s great experiment, which became baseball’s great prophecy, now become baseball’s great dynasty?

2. Los Angeles Angels(76-86): Yes, you are reading this correctly, the Houston Astros are going to win this division by 36 games. The Angels are the closest thing they have to competition and all they have is an old out of shape Albert Pujols who can’t play the field anymore, Kohl Calhoun, Mike Trout, a Japanese rookie who has looked awful in Spring Training, and a bunch of “blah.”

3. Seattle Mariners(70-92): Well they tried. It got them nowhere, but they tried. The Mariners have made more moves the last six years to try to push their roster over the hump but to no avail. They are simply out of gas at this point.

4. Texas Rangers(68-94): This will be the worst season in Arlington for baseball in over a decade. The Rangers have been a good team for a long time, but that is about to come to an end.

5. Oakland Athletics(67-95): These A’s are headed for another bad season, and no, Jonathan Lucroy won’t change much. I’ve been saying this for a while now, and I will say again. I understand everything Billy Beane has accomplished for this franchise with nothing to work with, but he is past his time, and it is time for him to go.

Manager of the Year: Paul Molitor/Twins- Molitor wins his second straight manager of the year award, leading the Twins to 97 wins.

Rookie of the Year: Vladimir Guererro Jr./3B/Blue Jays- Shohei Ohtani has looked awful in Spring Training and this smells like a bust already. So the door is wide open for Vladimir Guererro Jr. to walk right through it.

MVP: Jose Altuve/2B/Houston Astros- The smallest player in the game, the man who proves it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog, wins his second straight MVP award.

National League Playoffs
Wild Card Game: Mets vs. Cardinals- In a one-game-playoff, the Mets just outmatch the Cardinals in every aspect, and will win this game 4-0.

Nationals vs. Mets- I so very badly want to take the Mets in this series, but the Nationals have a good rotation too. Sorry. Nationals in five well-pitched games.

Cubs vs. Dodgers- Two powerhouses with great lineups littered with super-talented young all-stars go head to head in a colossal brawl. Dodgers have the home-field advantage and win this series in five games.

Nationals vs. Dodgers- What a good series this will be. I can’t find a difference, seriously. The only difference could very well be home-field, which the Nationals have. Nationals in seven great games.

American League Playoffs
Wild Card Game: Indians vs. Yankees- This game will be in Cleveland, and all of those Indians power arms against the free-swinging Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in a one-game-playoff. This won’t end well for the Bombers. Indians win 5-2.

Astros vs. Indians- For as great as the Astros are, they have a free-swinging lineup that relies on home runs, and free-swinging lineup vs power arms contest, advantage power arms. Indians in four.

Twins vs. Red Sox- Finally, the Twins get an AL East opponent in the postseason and they have the home-field. Twins in five.

Twins vs. Indians- Unlike the Indians previous two opponents, the Twins are not a free-swinging team that relies on hitting the ball out of the ballpark. Rather, they rely on plate patience and hit placement. The home-field advantage carries the Twins to their first pennant in 27 years. Twins in seven.

World Series
Nationals vs. Twins- Whoever comes out of the National League is going to win the World Series this year, unless it is the Astros out of the American League. I just don’t see any of the other contenders beating one of these great National League squads in seven games. The Nationals finally get the job done in October and win their first World Series since moving to Washington D.C.

The Nationals have to win the World Series. They are just too talented not to. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Six Rookie Pitchers Set To Break Out This Season | Ticket King Wisconsin

MLB Pitchers 2018
The 2018 Major League Baseball season is almost upon us, and that means it is time for some “Players to Watch” lists to start the season. Here, we take a look at rookie pitchers to keep on your radar, as they prepare for their Major League debut. Most baseball fans alreadyt know about Shohei Ohtani from Japan, as he signed with the Angels, so we will leave him off this list.

Michael Kopech/RHP/White Sox- Kopech came over from the Red Sox in the Chris Sale mega-deal and has continued his track towards the Major Leagues. He really improved the second half of the season last year, and he will make his debut at some point 2018. Kopech has top of the rotation potential, and if he lives up to that potential, the White Sox have their ace.

Walker Buehler/RHP/Dodgers- Buehler made his debut late last season, pitching in eight games out of the Dodgers bullpen. He is a starter though, and a front line one at that. He has a fastball that can touch three digits on the radar gun with a violent curve ball and plus slider to compliment. Buehler has ace and perennial All-Star written all over him.

Brent Honeywell/RHP/Rays- It is no secret that the Rays have entered a rebuilding stage. They made a lot of moves this off-season, unloading the likes of Jake Odorizzi and Evan Longoria for prospects. Their rebuild though, especially on the mound, starts with this man. Honeywell has a fastball in the low 90’s and has a bevy of off-speed pitches. His calling card is mechanics and control. Think Greg Maddux here.

Luiz Gohara/LHP/Braves- Gohara started his career in the Mariners system and the Braves traded for him back in January. Gohara throws 97 on the radar gun with a wipe out slider. Left-handed pitchers that can do that don’t grow on trees. If he can get just a little more command, the Braves have their next ace.

Max Fried/LHP/Braves- Most teams are blessed to have one top of the line left-handed pitching prospect. The Braves have two. Fried doesn’t light up the radar gun, but he’s got great command and a plus curve ball. His ceiling is a number two starter, so the plan is he will be Gohara’s sidekick at some point in the future.

Stephen Gonsalves/LHP/Twins- It seems like we have heard about Gonsalves for a long time now, but he is still just 23 years of age to begin this season. Much like Fried, he doesn’t light up the radar gun, but he has good control over a variety of pitches. He will never be a number one starter, but he sill has “middle of the rotation” potential.

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College Basketball Tournament Time | Ticket King Inc.

March is here, and for sports fans, that can only mean one thing. It’s time for the NCAA tournament. The first two rounds, well rounds two and three now, those first four days, are four of the best days in sports, every year. Let’s dive right in with T.J. Bryce, our “Bracket Builder.”

The top seed in the tournament this year is 31-2 Virginia, winners of the ACC. This looked like the year Virginia finally got it done in the NCAA tournament, however, some bad news came the other day. Forward De’Andre Hunter, the ACC 6th man of the year, will miss the entire tournament with an undisclosed injury. The other number one seed on that side of the bracket is Xavier, 28-5 overall, winners of the Big East. This is the first number one seed in school history for the Musketeers. Switch to the right side of the bracket, the number one seed in the East is Villanova, who have risen out of their longtime second-tier status to become one of the best programs in the country the last few years. The other number one seed on the right side of the bracket is 27-7 Kansas, a team that has gotten much better since the start of the season. The first two months of the season they looked like a five seed, but they have really turned it on as of late, as they have won 8 of their last nine. This bracket also features the strongest mid-major, 28-5 Loyola-Chicago, winners of the Missouri Valley. They could very well beat Miami in round one.

So besides the number one seeds, who else looks impressive? In the South, the biggest threat to Virginia is Tennessee. They spread the ball out well, shoot the three, and play high-pressure defense. Arizona or Kentucky could possibly take Virginia out on the top side of that region, setting up a showdown with Tennessee in the Elite 8. In the West, this is going to be a ruthless road for Xavier. Ohio State, Michigan, Gonzaga, North Carolina, they could all take Xavier out. In fact, with this year of parity, Gonzaga might be one of the true favorites in this entire tournament.

On the other side of the bracket, Villanova might have the easiest road of the four number one seeds. Purdue doesn’t overly excite me. Wichita State has been overrated all season. Texas Tech is the most talented team in America and yet they are a three seed. West Virginia could get upset in round one by Murray State and Florida really isn’t that impressive. In the Midwest though, if you like poster schools, this is the bracket for you. Kansas, Duke, and Michigan State, the top three seeds. If it is anyone but those three I will be stunned. The winner of Duke and Michigan State will meet Kansas in the Elite 8 in an epic showdown.

So in the Elite 8, I have Tennessee beating Virginia, Gonzaga beating North Carolina, Villanova beating Texas Tech, and Michigan State beating Kansas. In the Final Four, I have Tennessee beating Gonzaga, and Michigan State beating Villanova. In the National Championship, I have Michigan State beating Tennessee by a score of 71-63.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Four Big Ten Teams That Will Go Far in the NCAA Tournament | Ticket King Inc.

NCAA Tournament
The 2017-2018 season started with plenty of hype for the Big Ten. As many as nine teams were projected to participate in the 2018 NCAA Tournament, but the conference will not come close to having that many teams represent. Wisconsin stumbled out of the gate and fell apart mid-season. They finished with a 15-18 record and will miss the tournament for the first time in two decades. Minnesota had off the court issues, ending with a 15-17 season. Northwestern tried to get it together about a month ago, but they faded late, losing their last seven on their way to a 15-17 season. Iowa finished just 4-14 in conference play as well. The final result? We could have just four teams in the tournament from the Big Ten. But wait, those four are pretty darn good teams. Let’s run through the four Bit Ten teams that will make big moves in the tournament.  
Ohio State: The Buckeyes are not exactly the hottest team in the country entering the tournament. They have lost three of their last five, including two losses to Penn State, who won’t play in the tournament. They are anchored by power forward and All-American candidate Keita Bates-Diop who is average 19.4 points per game and 8.8 rebounds per game. In addition to Bates-Diop, Ohio State has three other players averaging double figures in scoring- Jae’Sean Tate, C.J. Jackson, and Kaleb Wesson. This is the type of balanced team that could make some serious noise in the NCAA tournament. Right now they are a projected five seed in the South.

Purdue: The Boilermakers have recovered from a three-game losing streak in February to finish strong, winning five in a row before losing to Michigan in the Big Ten title game. Usually the Boilermakers are anchored by a strong inside presence, but this year, their top scorer is their 6’1” guard Carsen Edwards at 18.5 points per game. They do have a strong big man though in 7’2” center Isaac Haas, who is averaging 14.9 points per game and 5.6 rebounds per game. Power forward Vincent Edwards has 14.5 points per game himself to go along with 7.3 rebounds. Every year these Boilermakers look good on paper, but for some reason, they just can’t get it together come showtime. Maybe this year will be different. Right now they are projected as a two seed in the Midwest.

Michigan State: Despite all the bad headlines surrounding the school, the Spartans have kept it together on the court this season. They were winners of 13 straight before losing to Michigan in the semi-finals of the Big Ten tournament. The Spartans are anchored by guard Miles Bridges, who is averaging 16. 9 points per game and 6.9 rebounds per game. Sophomore forward Nick Ward has been a solid presence inside, averaging 12.6 points per game and 7.2 rebounds per game. Once again, “Sparty” looks like another serious contender to be in the Final Four come April. Right now they are a projected three seed in the West.

Michigan: The Wolverines are on fire entering the NCAA Tournament. Winners of nine in a row, Michigan pulled off a remarkable performance in the Big Ten Conference Tournament, defeating Purdue 75-66 in the championship game. Their best player is a 6’11” forward from Germany named Moritz Wagner, who is averaging 14.5 and 7.1 points per game this season. Despite the hot streak, buyer beware. This will be a long layoff before the tournament starts and this is not exactly a great team on paper. Right now they are a projected three seed in the East.

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Brewers Final 2018 Roster | Ticket King Milwaukee

Milwaukee Brewers Tickets
We are less than a month away from the start of the 2018 MLB season. While the team gets busy in Arizona, we can only guess as to the final 25 man roster that will take the field. Some player are a lock, but others are making their move to get a starting position. Here is Ticket King’s best attempt at trying to predict the Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day roster.

2. Jimmy Nelson
3. Chase Anderson
4. Yovani Gallardo

Zach Davies emerged a year ago, winning 17 games and establishing himself as a potential top of the rotation option for this club. Chase Anderson will be the two. Jimmy Nelson will be the number three starter when he returns in June. Yovani Gallardo returns to the place where he had his best years. Hopefully, he can find the fountain of youth and be that pitcher again. Jhoulys Chacin gets the 5th spot. Look out for the Brewers to add someone else though, such as Jake Arrieta via free agency.

Matt Albers
Oliver Drake
Jeremy Jeffress
Josh Hader
Brent Suter
Jacob Barnes
Junior Guerra

There are a lot of unknowns in this bullpen. With this projected bullpen, the Brewers carry two lefties, Hader and Suter. Junior Guerra will be the long man. The question is, who is the closer?

1. Lorenzo Cain
2. Christian Yelich
3. Ryan Braun
4. Travis Shaw
5. Domingo Santana
6. Stephen Vogt
7. Orlando Arcia
8. Jonathan Villar

The Brewers made headlines this off season when they made two major moves, both on the same day, acquiring Christian Yelich from the Marlins and signing Lorzeno Cain via free agency. Both will be in the lineup opening day. Brett Phillips is expected to begin the season in Triple A while the Brewers find a trade partner for Domingo Santana.

Eric Thames
Eric Sogard
Keon Broxton
Hernan Perez
Jeff Bandy

Not much to say here. Broxton is the ideal fourth outfielder- he has experience at all three positions, has a strong glove, a good arm, a lot of speed, and can pinch run. Perez is a super utility man. Bandy will be the backup catcher. Thames could be traded any day.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Five Free Agents the Packers Should Sign This Season | Ticket King Wisconsin

Packers 2018 Free Agents
The Green Bay Packers finished 2017 with a 7-9 record, of which only two games can be counted as true “first team” losses, since Brett Hundley was at the helm for a huge portion of the season. Still, with the weapons around him, there were exposed the flaws within this organization. The sub .500 season seemed to make the tough choices a bit easier. With that, the Packers franchise made massive changes top to bottom, replacing the general manager, some various scouts, and most of the coaching staff. The new general manager, Brian Gutekunst, is expected to be more aggressive in his pursuit of free agents than his predecessor, Ted Thompson. So who are some of the free agents he could look at?

Prince Amukamara/CB - Last off-season, the Packers brought back Davon House, who had his best seasons with the Packers in Dom Capers system. However, House is now a year older, coming off a major injury, and Dom Capers is gone. Expect the Packers to swap out House for another free agent cornerback, and Amukamara would be a good fit for new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s system.

Brian Cushing/ILB - The Texans released their all-time leading tackler just a few days ago, and coming without a hit to any team’s future compensation Cushing will be a desired free agent. One of those teams should be the Packers. Green bay is in need an inside linebacker to work along side Blake Martinez. Martinez has emerged as one of the league’s best linebackers. Cushing is another free agent who would fit Pettine’s system.

Ed Dixon/TE- One might ask why not Jimmy Graham here? Well, he is aging, and his best football is very clearly behind him, plus whoever signs him will most likely overpay for his services. Most Packers fans want to the team to pursue free agency a little more, but the also want them to be smart about it. Dixon would cost much less and put up more production.

Connor Barwin/OLB - The Packers need another pass rusher on the outside. Barwin is a good fit in Pettine’s system. As a veteran, he could rotate with Clay Matthews opposite of Nick Perry. Or, if the Packers also draft an outside linebacker high, Matthews could move back inside and take a pay cut. Either way, it works.

Drew Stanton/QB - Brett Hundley was a bust as a back-up quarterback. The Packers did not win three games without Aaron Rodgers because of him. They won three games without Aaron Rodgers in spite of him. Stanton could come in and backup Rodgers for a couple of seasons, while the Packers develop their next backup quarterback.