Sunday, September 1, 2019

NFL Championship Game and Super Bowl Predictions | Ticket King Inc.

We have reached Conference Championship Weekend in our big NFL preview. This very lengthy set of posts is for entertainment purposes only. It's our Ticket King version of which teams in the NFC will take top honors, predicted well before the first snap of the regular season in 2019.

NFC Championship Game:
Bears (1) vs. Eagles (3)- This will still be a very hard-hitting game, but it will not be nearly as vicious or nasty as the Bears vs.Vikings game from a week prior.

Why the Bears will win: The Bears will win because after a sloppy Divisional Playoff performance, Mitch Trubisky continues his rise, returning to his late-season form, tossing three touchdown passes and makes excellent decisions all game long. Matt Nagy has prepared an outstanding gameplan, and new defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano makes the most out of his superstar linebacking unit, getting in the face of Carson Wentz all afternoon.

Why the Eagles will win: The Bears may be the better team, but the Eagles have the experience. Doug Pederson is becoming a master of playoff upsets, and much like a week before pulls off another one. Carson Wentz somehow finds holes in this talented secondary, and the Eagles do just enough to win.

Prediction: Yes, Doug Pederson pulls off the big upset the week prior, but lightning doesn’t strike twice. The Bears advance to the Super Bowl 27-13, exactly how I laid it out.

AFC Championship Game: (Note, this prediction was before Luck decided to retire. We kept it in, since we enjoyed T.J.'s prediction so much.) 
Colts (3) vs. Browns (4)- Two years ago, if you thought the 2020 AFC Championship game would be the Colts and the Browns, raise your hand. Liar liar pants on fire. But that is exactly what we have here. Somewhere Jim Brown is having flashbacks.

Why the Colts will win: The Colts will win because Andrew Luck continues his late-season and playoff magic. Frank Reich puts together an incredible gameplan, and Luck is too much for that Browns secondary. Luck throws for over 350 yards and four touchdown passes.

Why the Browns will win: I don’t know people. This world has gone crazy, but I don’t think anything can top “The Game That Broke The Internet.” Drunk on celebration, the Browns continue their mojo. Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham continue their late-season and playoff assault on opposing secondaries as Beckham finds the endzone three times, and Mayfield tosses two more for a total of five.

Prediction: As much as I don’t want to say it, the Browns miracle ends here. There’s something special going on with Andrew Luck, and the Colts win 34-30 when Luck finds T.Y. Hilton in the right corner of the endzone with 18 seconds left to win the game and send the Colts to Miami.Super Bowl LIV:

Bears (NFC Champions) vs. Colts (AFC Champions) - Well here we have it. The last two standing. A rematch of XLI.

Why the Bears will win: The Bears will win because it is their time. Mitch Trubisky continues his late season and playoff form. Matt Nagy puts together an offensive gameplan that helps Trubisky find holes in this secondary all night. Tarik Cohen gives the Bears offense balance with a strong performance on the ground, running for 125 yards and a touchdown.

Why the Colts will win: The Colts will win because Andrew Luck will continue his magic and his assent to the top of the mountain. The Bears defense is incredible, but they have yet to see a quarterback this good who is firing on all cylinders like Luck will be heading into this game. The Steelers entered Super Bowl 45 with a loaded defense, and Aaron Rodgers simply tore it to shreds. Something similar will happen here.

Prediction: The magic gets its fantasy ending, as Andrew Luck and the Colts win 38-27, thanks to five touchdown passes by Luck who puts on a Super Bowl MVP performance. Andrew Luck takes his throne and slams it down on top of the NFL Mountain, where it belongs. 

Friday, August 30, 2019

Who Will Win Top Honors in the 2019 NFL? | Ticket King

In our first four parts, we have previewed the entire league all the way up to the conference championships. Let’s take a break from on the field play and hand out some awards. As noted in the previous posts, this is a best guess by T.J. Bryce, our Ticket King prognosticator. 

Coach of the Year
1. Freddie Kitchens/Browns- This award is hard to do in the preseason but I will do my best. Kitchens had the interim tag taken off of him this off season and is now the long-term head coach in Cleveland. Whether or not this actually happens rests on the shoulders of him and his staff.
2. Frank Reich/Colts- Reich will lead the Colts through an early storm and deep into the NFL Playoffs.
3. Doug Pederson/Eagles- The Eagles will now settle down under Carson Wentz, and Pederson will be the reason why.
4. Matt Nagy/Bears- The Bears aren’t going to sneak up on anyone this season, but they will be just as good, if not better than they were a year ago.
5. Anthony Lynn/Chargers- Lynn will lead the Chargers through lots of noise early on in the season, specifically due to the contract status of star running back Melvin Gordon.

Rookie of the Year
1. Nick Bosa/DE/49ers- Much like his older brother and fellow monster pass rusher Joey Bosa of the Chargers, Nick Bosa will take the league by storm.
2. Brian Burns/DE/Panthers- Another top pass rusher, Burns will start for the Panthers right from the start, giving them the best pass rusher they have had since Julius Peppers was in his prime.
3. Darnell Savage/S/Packers- It is the Packers defense that will carry them to eight wins in 2019 while the offense struggles all season. Savage is the fast, instinctive playmaker the Packers have been looking for in the back of the secondary since Nick Collins broke his neck in week two of the 2011 NFL season, which ended his career.
4. Garrett Bradbury/C/Vikings- An offensive lineman? Yes. The Vikings biggest hole is the middle of their offensive line, and Bradbury will plug it.
5. Josh Jacobs/RB/Raiders- The Raiders are looking for balance offensively, and Jacobs will give it to them.

Defensive player of the Year
1. Joey Bosa/DE/OLB/Chargers- The older Bosa is about to become the best pass rusher in the league. He will lead the league in sacks.
2. Khalil Mack/OLB/Bears- This will be Mack’s first full season with Chicago, and he will return to the monstrous All-Pro form he had with the Raiders.
3. Aaron Donald/DL/Rams- There is not a better or more versatile defensive lineman in the league right now than Aaron Donald. He destroys the opponent’s running game by himself and is also an elite pass rusher.
4. Luke Kuechly/ILB/Panthers- Old reliable will once again lead the league in tackles.
5. Danielle Hunter/DE/Vikings- He will finish second in sacks behind Bosa.

Most Valuable Player
1. Pat Mahomes/QB/Chiefs- This was supposed to be Andrew Luck, but an ankle sprain has moved Mahomes up to number one.
2. Andrew Luck/QB/Colts- I think the sprain will only bother him the first couple of weeks.
3. Ezekiel Elliot/RB/Cowboys- The best running back in the league, and he is about to get paid. He will set the league record for yards from scrimmage at some point, maybe this season, or next, or the next after that.
4. Phillip Rivers/QB/Chargers- We often forget about Rivers when talking about the league’s best quarterbacks over the last 20 years or so. But he doesn’t care.
5. Matt Ryan/QB/Falcons- If the Falcons go 10-6 as I predicted, it will be because Ryan returns to his All-Pro form.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

AFC Playoff Picture & Prediction | Ticket King

We continue our big NFL preview, with part four taking us to the AFC Playoffs. This post is just for fun, and actual results may turn out to be completely different. Still, it's T.J. Bryce's job to offer up a guess as to how things will turn out at the end of the NFL season. 

Seed Order - 1: Patriots 2: Chiefs 3: Colts 4: Browns 5: Titans 6: Chargers

Wild Card Weekend

Colts (3) vs. Chargers (6)- Our first AFC matchup of Wild Card Weekend features a future hall of famer and perhaps the best quarterback in the league (when healthy).

Why the Colts will win: After recovering from now what is being called a high ankle sprain, Andrew Luck is finally ready to take the throne that is rightfully his atop the NFL. He fires the football around Lucas Oil Stadium all afternoon, putting up video game-like numbers.

Why the Chargers will win: The Colts may have the home field but the Chargers are the better team. They will flex that muscle in all facets of the game, and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will pull out all the stops to end Andrew Luck’s Super Bowl dreams.

Prediction: Colts win 35-28 because of the home field.

Browns (4) vs. Titans (5)- Somebody pinch me. The Browns are back in the playoffs. Seriously people, this right here is proof the world has gone stark-raving mad.

Why the Browns will win: After two decades of bad choices, the Browns finally have their quarterback in Baker Mayfield. This is a talented young team on the rise, and they only got better this offseason. Mayfield and Odell Beckham will pick on that suspect secondary all afternoon, and the Browns win a playoff game for the first time since 1994.

Why the Titans will win: The Titans will win because well, it’s the Browns. At some point, the god of everything football will pop out from behind a door and shout “Gotcha” to 20 million Browns fans across the country.

Prediction: Sorry doubters. This world is upside down. Browns win 31-20.

Divisional Playoff Weekend

Chiefs (2) vs. Colts (3)- Oh my word. Do you like superstar quarterbacks that can fire a football? This is the game for you.

Why the Chiefs will win: The Chiefs will win because they have perhaps the best roster in the league at the moment. Pat Mahomes is a superstar who already has an MVP to his name. The Chiefs use their elite passing game to overwhelm to Colts, and advance.

Why the Colts will win: For as great as Mahomes is when Andrew Luck is healthy, he is the best there is. Head coach Frank Reich puts together a marvelous gameplan and the Colts pull off the upset.

Prediction: Once Andrew Luck gets healthy, I have a feeling there is something magical that is going to happen with the Colts towards the end of the season. Colts advanced 42-35 in what is going to be an incredible game. Luck throws six touchdown passes and Mahomes throws five.

Patriots (1) vs. Browns (4)- Who in their right mind ever thought the Patriots Divisional Playoff opponent at home would ever be the Cleveland Browns? That’s exactly what we have here.

Why the Patriots will win: The Patriots will win because they are the Patriots. They have a massive edge in big-game experience and will use that, coasting to an easy victory.

Why the Browns will win: Even though the Patriots have the experience, the Browns have the much better team. Mayfield and Beckham continue their playoff magic from a week ago, and a redeemed Kareem Hunt runs for 150 yards against this suspect Patriots rushing defense.

Prediction: In any other universe the Patriots win this game every time. But, the one we live in has gone mad. The Browns pull the upset of the century 34-27 and 30 years from now, a movie will be made about this game called “The Game That Broke the Internet.”

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Part Three of NFL 2019 Predictions | The Playoffs

In parts one and two, we previewed the regular seasons for each conference. We now move onto the playoffs, and this season, match ups will mean more than ever. Let’s begin with the NFC.

Seed Order: 1: Bears 2: Rams 3: Eagles 4: Saints 5: Vikings 6: Falcons

Wild Card Weekend

Eagles (3) vs. Falcons (6)- One can hear 20 million Falcons fans around the country right now, shouting out in a collective “WHY?”  Why not New Orleans? Or Chicago? Or Los Angeles? Why the one team the Falcons cannot seem to beat! Well, sorry Falcons fans. Those are the breaks in pro football.

Why the Eagles could win: They will win because they will get the running game going quickly, with Corey Clement and their off season acquisition Jordan Howard. Carson Wentz will find his form quickly in the mid-range passing game with Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor.

Why the Falcons could win: The Falcons are a rhythm team, and they will find that rhythm quickly. Once they get their footing, lookout. They are hard to stop.

Prediction: This game will be in Philadelphia and that will make it much harder for the Falcons to find that rhythm. Right now, this is just simply a bad match up for Atlanta. Eagles win 27-17.

Saints (4) vs. Vikings (5)- This has been 10 years in the making. The famous “Bountygate” game finally gets its rematch. Since it’s been ten years, most of the team won’t know what that means, but fans will.  

Why the Saints could win: Much like the Falcons, the Saints are a rhythm team. This game will be in New Orleans, so it should be easy for the Saints to find that rhythm quickly. Or so it seems. Alvin Kamara will have an outstanding afternoon running to the outside, and Drew Brees will find the holes in this secondary.

Why the Vikings could win: Yes, the Saints are a rhythm team, but the Vikings are the dynamite to that rhythm. To beat a team like the Saints at home, you must go in there, and knock them on their butt before they get an opportunity to find that rhythm. The Vikings are just the team to do that.

Prediction: This game is in New Orleans, and this Vikings organization will never forget what happened to them 10 years ago. For fans, the Vikings will put the Saints on their butts, and finally get their revenge, winning 23-16.

Divisional Playoff Weekend

Rams (2) vs. Eagles (3)- Rams would be the big favorites in this game. But, as we’ve seen in the past, things are not always as they seem.

Why the Rams could win: The Rams are a loaded team on paper. All of that talent will overwhelm to the Eagles, and the Rams will coast into the NFC Championship.

Why the Eagles could win: Doug Pederson is on track to becoming the best head coach in the game, and he already has a track record of playoff upsets. He finds a way to do it again. That’s all I can say because I don’t see how, but somehow, he will.

Prediction: The Eagles do it again, taking out the defending NFC Champions 34-27.

Bears (1) vs. Vikings (5)-  Do you like games matching up snot nose football teams that are mirror images of each other? This is the game for you. This will be played in Chicago, in the middle of January, so this will be one of the coldest and windiest games in recent memory.

Why the Bears could win: The Bears are out to prove that they are not a one-hit-wonder and that they own this division now. They get another opportunity to show why against the Vikings. The Vikings hit hard, but the Bears hit harder, and they will do just that all afternoon.

Why the Vikings could win: the Vikings’ players have not forgotten about Week 17 a year ago, in which the Bears reserves embarrassed them, and knocked them out of playoff contention. The Vikings should use that as motivation and pull off another upset.

Prediction: This is going to be a no holds barred, anything goes, football game. To speak in metaphorical terms, when it’s all said and done, Khalil Mack will be the “last man standing” after what will look eerily similar to a massive brawl at in a crowded bar. Due to my prediction of extreme weather, the Bears make two of four field goal attempts and the Vikings make one of three. Neither team will find the end zone. Final score, 6-3 Bears.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

AFC 2019 Final Outcome Predictions - Team by Team | Ticket King Inc.

In part one, T.J. Bryce previewed the NFC regular season. Let’s move onto the AFC regular season now.

AFC East
1. Patriots (13-3)- I know that I have said this for how many years running, but at some point, Father Time is coming for Tim Brady.  Father Time always gets his way. One must wonder if the Patriots would have had this much success in a stronger division.  One could wonder if Brady’s offensive line has kept him in the game for many more years than your average team. We could wonder about a bunch of scenarios, but “tick-tock”.  
2. Bills (5-11) - This is just simply year two in the Bills rebuild. Nothing to see here for this seaons, so move along.
3. Jets (5-11)- Same as above. The division is weak, making the Patriots look strong, and at some point one of these AFC East teams will topple the Patriots. Not this season for the Jets.
4. Dolphins (5-11)- Also entering a rebuild,  I see no difference between the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins in 2019, which is why I give them all five wins.

AFC South
1. Colts (11-5)- I was getting ready to crown Andrew Luck, but as “luck” have it, he injures his leg during offseason workouts. He could be ready to go week one, but nobody knows for sure. Still, this is a good team, and at some point, he will shake off that injury and be just fine. But how long will this injury linger?
2. Titans (10-6)- These young Titans are good, and at some point this will correlate into playoff success. Will that happen in 2019?  10-6 could get them into the playoffs, if the Colts get bogged down.
3. Texans (9-7)- Another good young team due for a breakout season at some point.
4. Jaguars (5-11)- Did the Jaguars buy fools gold with Nick Foles this offseason? I don’t think his playoff success with the Eagles translates to the Jaguars.  

AFC North
1. Browns (11-5)- How in the world did this happen? According to the Vegas books, the Cleveland Browns are the top pick to win the Super Bowl. What planet are we on right now? We must be on the wrong planet or something. I would have never possibly envisioned a world where the Cleveland Browns are the best team in the NFL, but that is world we could very well be living in soon. Or, the Vegas oddsmakers are just looking for the windfall that comes with all those crazy enough to put money down on the Browns. I give them a divisin title in 2019, so who knows?
2. Ravens (8-8)- I don’t think Lamar Jackson is going to last in the NFL, and he will get injured at some point like every other running quarterback has, possibly even this season. If he settles into a “normal” quarterback setting, he’s then going to have to change the very nature that got him a spot in the big leagues. That’s not a proven winner either. Still, the Ravens defense is looking solid, and that might keep them in close games.  
3. Steelers (7-9)- It’s one last hurrah for Big Ben, but it probably won’t end well.
4. Bengals (5-11)- What in the world happened to “Red Rifle”? Three years ago, “Red Rifle” Andy Dalton entered the season as the MVP favorite and the Bengals were the best team in the league. They have a new direction, and found a head coach now, so we will see how this goes.

AFC West
1. Chiefs (12-4)- We know one thing about Andy Reid, his teams never underperform during the regular season. This team has everything a team needs to win a Super Bowl. But will they get it done?
2. Chargers (10-6)- Phillip Rivers and his “Renegade Rebels” known as the Los Angeles Chargers are all set for a spectacular season in 2019. They need All-Pro Melvin Gordon, and he is holding out. Unlike the Cowboys, the Chargers can play hardball because of Phillip Rivers, a future hall of fame quarterback who can make up for deficiencies.
3. Broncos (7-9) - I don’t know what they are thinking with the Joe Flacco trade or what they plan on accomplishing. This is not a very good team right now.
4. Raiders (6-10) - Another team you have to ask what happened? A few years ago, the Raiders were the hot young team in the league on the rise. But there was just something about that roster that didn’t fit, so they took it apart and rebuilt it.


Good Team Most Likely To Fall - Chargers: Yes, Rivers allows them to mask many things. But Melvin Gordon is a superior running back. Without him, the team could drop off.  

Team Most Likely To Rise Above - Bengals: Perhaps a coaching change is just what the doctor ordered in Cincinnati.

Risky Pick - Giving the Steelers 7 wins: The Steelers have been a good team for a very long time. But that is about to come to an end. Ben is old and getting older. If the Steelers have a bad season, it would not surprise me in the least bit if Ben sat before the end the season, and would Mike Tomlin follow him out the door during the offseason?

Dark Horse Teams- Bills/Jets/Dolphins- They all have a super talented second-year quarterback that could take the next big step at any moment.  

Friday, August 23, 2019

Ticket King Asks T.J. Bryce to Predict The Entire 2019 NFL Outcome | Part One

Some NFL football fans like like to think that they can light their magic candle, shake some dried bones, and see visions of the future.  Some of these fans take it week by week, preferring to see who's on injured reserve, who's coming off a terrible game, before they predict the next win or loss. That's not how our “In House” sports fan, T.J. Bryce likes to read the proverbial tea leaves. T.J. has spent some serious time putting together his entire NFL season preview. We also turn to T.J. because so many Ticket King employees are biased Packers fans. With a clear head, T.J. gives us his straight shot when it comes to the NFL.

It’s hard to believe, but the 2019 NFL season is almost upon us. This has been a very precarious preseason, and most teams have been very careful with their star players. As I look at the landscape to begin this season, I see a league that is potentially wide open, thanks to one very important off season injury, which I will get to when I get to that player’s team. Once we get to the playoffs, match ups will matter more than ever.

Part One, the NFC Regular Season.

NFC East
1. Eagles (11-5)- The Eagles elected to let Nick Foles walk away and stuck with their original plan. However, Carson Wentz is one more major injury away from his career potentially coming to an end early and the Eagles will be short one major player, their QB.
2. Cowboys (10-6)- This is a very cautious 10-6 prediction. Ezekiel Elliot is holding out, but the reports are he will sign soon.
3. Redskins (5-11)- We could potentially see four different men start at quarterback for the Redskins this season- Case Keenum, Colt McCoy, rookie Dwayne Haskins, and Alex Smith.
4. Giants (3-13)- The Giants are rebuilding. At some point during the season, they could possibly turn to first-round draft choice Daniel Jones as they look to the future.

NFC South
1. Saints (11-5)- Drew Brees is on his final legs, and the Saints magic they have had the last two seasons could run out at any moment. I know that I have predicted his drop off for the past two seasons, but Brees just keeps ticking along.  
T-2. Falcons (10-6)- This is forgotten team due to their performance since the Super Bowl meltdown. They are ready to put that behind them. Matt Ryan is going to have a really good year.
T-2. Panthers (10-6)- Some say that if “Cam Newton is healthy, the Panthers can beat anyone on any day.” or “As Cam Newton goes, so go the Panthers.” Cam didn’t crack the top five in quarterback stats last season, falling below Rodgers, Brady, Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins, Matt Stafford, and Drew Brees. So is he still a top ten QB in the league? We’ll find out this season.
4. Buccaneers (5-11)- They have never really been able to find their footing with Jameis Winston, and one must begin to wonder if they ever will.

NFC North
1. Bears (12-4)- Are the Bears a one-hit-wonder? Probably not. They have taken control of this division, and that defense is scary. For them to take the next step, so must Mitch Trubisky.
2. Vikings (10-6)- The Vikings are all in for 2019. But how far can they actually go?
3. Packers (8-8)- Aaron Rodgers and new head coach Matt LaFleur have been arguing all off season about this, that, and the other. First it was play calling, then it was joint practises, now, well, who knows. 8 wins could be optimistic, as this could be a car wreck waiting to happen. However, this preseason has shown that the offensive line is giving the back up quarterbacks time in the pocket, and if that keeps up in the regular season, Rodgers will shred opponents with the core of wide outs that the Packers has. I’m sticking with my 8-8 record, but hoping for a nice surprise.  
4. Lions (4-12)- Another year, another bad season in the Motor City. At some point, they are going to have to accept that this is not working with Matthew Stafford, trade him for a load of draft choices, and try something else.

NFC West
1. Rams (12-4)- The Rams are coming off one of the most embarrassing Super Bowl performances by an entire team in recent memory. How much will that affect them going into 2019?   
2. Seahawks (8-8)- Russell Wilson is going to somehow keep this team afloat for another season, but at some point, they are going to have to lay the dynamite and push the lever.
3. 49ers (6-10)- Jimmy G looked bad in his return to the field, posting a 0.0 QB rating last week in limited playing time after a torn ACL caused him to miss almost all of 2018. Is that a mirage, or a bad omen?
4. Cardinals (2-14)- The Arizona Cardinals have become football’s great experiment. They are the first team that is going to try a true “college” offense in the NFL. Will it work, or will it be just another fad that will end up on the wayside of NFL lore? Either way, we won’t know this season.

NFL Side Notes

Good Team Likely To Take A Fall - Rams: The Rams are facing a potential Super Bowl hangover that every other loser of the big game goes through. Do they use the loss as inspiration, or does the team fold like a house of cards.

Bad Team Likely To Rise - 49ers: We shouldn’t put too much stock in six pass attempts in a preseason game. Jimmy G is the real deal, and we know that.

Cautious Optimism Team – Falcons: Looking at this Falcons team over the last 7 or 8 years or so, outside of the Super Bowl run, this team is much better on paper than their performances show them to be. They aways seem to be on the cusp of something great.  

Dark Horse Team - Cowboys: Now that it appears the Ezekiel Elliot situation is about settled, this is a very dangerous team once he gets back on the field, and Jason Garrett is finding his mojo as a head coach.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Packers vs Ravens Keys to the Game | Ticket King Wisconsin

Packers 2019 Preseason
The Green Bay Packers are coming off a successful outing in week one of the preseason, defeating the Texans at home 28-26. This week is important because it will be our first look at the Packers starters along with other key players. Head coach Matt LaFleur stated that all of the starters will play a quarter in this upcoming game.

Aaron Rodgers: This will be our first look Rodgers in the new system. He looked comfortable on Family Night, and now we get to see him in live-action. Expect to see a different version of Aaron Rodgers from this point forward. The new offensive scheme is going to focus on pocket passing. This new version of Rodgers will be more efficient and less big play oriented. Rodgers will just line the Packers up, snap the ball, run the play, and repeat the process. No more street ball, if you can believe that.

Aaron Jones/Jamal Williams: This week will also be our first look at the Packers top two running backs and how they manage in the new system. Jones and Williams are rising stars, and now they just need to stay healthy. As we move forward, they will become the focal point of the Packers offense. Fans would like to see them get about 35-40 touches in regular season games, split between the pair. Matt LaFleur’s offense is run focused, to set up the play action pass.

Back Up Quarterback: Both DeShone Kizer and Tim Boyle had their moments in week one. As far as preseason play, last week we witnessed Kizer’s best performance in a Packers uniform. But still, he did have that interception on Family Night. We’ve been down this road before with athletically gifted backup quarterbacks. Remember Brett Hundley? If anything, Gutekunst and LaFleur have already made their decision and they trying to see if they can squeeze a draft choice out of Kizer at the end of camp, just as they did with Hundley last year.

Third Wide Receiver Battle Continues: This camp saw a four man battle, with J’Mon Moore, Eq. St. Brown, MVS, and Jake Kumerow all making moves to secure the number four spot. Moore has taken a seat at the back of the bus and Kumerow is more than likely going to make this team- as the fifth receiver. This battle is down to two players, St. Brown and MVS. As of this moment, we really can’t tell the difference between the two.

Final Analysis: No score prediction, but devoted Packers fans will be very uneasy if Rodgers and the first-team on offense end their night without marching the field and scoring a touchdown.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Packers vs Texans - Preseason Matchup - Ticket King

It’s hard to believe, but the 2019 NFL season is nearly upon us. Week number one of the preseason is this weekend, and this will be our first chance to see the Green Bay Packers under the direction of new head coach Matt LaFleur. This is a significant moment for the Packers. This will be their first game in this new offensive scheme, and to put it bluntly, this is their first real system change in 28 years. From Holmgren to Sherman to McCarthy, the Packers used essentially the same system at its core. Granted, it was changed, adapted, updated, and altered over the years to fit with the times, but at its core, it was the same system. In this first game, they will take on the Texans. Texas has been in Green Bay all this week, and some highlights included a rookie cornerback for the Texans getting sent to the showers for hitting too hard and J.J. Watt breaking a kids bike. What are we looking for in week one?

How will Aaron Rodgers perform, or will he even play? In recent years, it has been a given that Rodgers sits out week one of the preseason. However, this is a new system, so it is unclear whether he will play. Even if there is a huge need for Rodgers to get his reps in, it’s more than likely that fans will see just Kizer and back ups.

One of the features of camp is the Packers backup quarterback battle between DeShone Kizer and Tim Boyle. Kizer did himself no favors on Family Night. That interception was just horrible in so many ways. Boyle has gotten closer by simply not making any mistakes yet. Now he has an opportunity to seize the moment in actual gameplay. Kizer is going to have to sweat this one out if he wants to keep his job.

The right side of the offensive line still a question mark. This one got a little clearer with the release of Jason Spriggs yesterday. Spriggs, a former second-round draft choice, just never put it together and refused to work on doing so. Now he’s gone, so it is four guys battling for two starting spots, not five. Lane Taylor and Brian Bulaga are holding on for now, but that could change. Actual game play will help us figure this one out.

Kicker Face Off- All of a sudden, there is no guarantee Mason Crosby is the Packers kicker this season. Sam Ficken has looked very impressive so far, which makes Crosby’s age and cap number a little harder to justify. Stay tuned.

Final Score: This is the preseason, and we don’t pick final scores in the preseason.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

2019 MLB Standings at the Halfway Point | Ticket King Wisconsin

The 2019 Major League Baseball season is at the halfway mark, and the All-Star break is this week, so let’s take a look at where everything stands at the moment. We will begin with the American League.

In the East, the Yankees have overcome a lot of early-season injuries and currently sit at 57-29, which is good for the league’s best record at the moment. After a hot start, the Tampa Bay Rays are sitting at 50-39, and fading a little bit here as of late. The Boston Red Sox are holding steady at 47-41. They have the look of a second-half explosion in them. At the bottom of this division are the Toronto Blue Jays at 33-56 and the Baltimore Orioles at 26-61.

In the Central, the Twins have come back down to earth after their scorching hot start. They currently sit at 55-32, and their lead is down to 6.5 games, half of what it was a few weeks ago. The Cleveland Indians are 48-38, and getting warm. The Trevor Bauer trade rumors have quieted for the moment. The Chicago White Sox are 41-43 and right on track to finish exactly where we thought they would. The Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals are holding up the caboose at 28 and 30 wins for the season respectively.

Out West, the Houston Astros have grabbed hold of the division after a rocky start, currently sitting at 55-33. In second place is the Oakland Athletics at 49-40, who is warming up after a rough first two months to their season. In third place stands the story of the season, the Texas Rangers, at 47-40. At some point, the Rangers will fade. Right behind the Rangers are the Los Angeles Angels at 45-44, and now have to play the rest of the season with heavy hearts after the death of Tyler Skaggs last week. In last place stand the Seattle Mariners, who got off to a hot start and have gone backward ever since.

National League

In the East, the Atlanta Braves have ascended to the top of this division, currently sitting with a record of 53-36. The Philadelphia Phillies are 46-42, 6.5 games back of the Braves. Right behind them are the Washington Nationals who sit at 45-42, and have had as up and down of a season as any team could have to this point. After a solid start, the New York Mets are fading and currently sit at 39-49. In last place as expected are the Miami Marlins at 32-54.

The NL Central is the toughest division in either league. The difference between first and last place is a mere four games. Currently sitting on top are the Milwaukee Brewers at 47-42, who still need to find another starting pitcher somewhere. Right behind them are the 46-42 Cubs, who are struggling as of late. Those pesky St. Louis Cardinals are right there at 44-32, and they are another team that just smells of second-half explosion. The Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds have been trading places all season, and they both currently sit 4 games back, the Pirates with 42 wins and the Reds with 41.

Out West, the Los Angeles Dodgers own the best record in either league at 60-30 and are 14.5 games ahead. Barring a miracle of epidemic proportions, they have this division won already. In second place are the Colorado Rockies sitting at 44-33, who have climbed out of an early season disaster to enter the Wild Card race. The Arizona Diamondbacks are right behind them at 44-45, and a lot of people are still waiting on their big fade in the standings. The San Diego Padres are 43-45 and have yet to put it all together this season. The San Fransisco Giants are 39-48, and need to be getting ready to unload some of where high-priced players between now and the trade deadline.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Milwaukee Brewers 2019 Update | Ticket King Inc.

The Milwaukee Brewers currently sit at 42-36, which places them in second position in the National League Central, just a half a game below the leaders, the Chicago Cubs. Right behind the Brewers are the St. Louis Cardinals, just two games back of the Cubs. Once again, the NL Central looks to be an airtight race to the finish line. Let’s look at how the Brewers are staying in this race.

The Brewers best player is right fielder Christian Yelich, the reigning National League Most Valuable Player. Yelich is having another MVP season. Cody Bellinger was the clear cut front runner for most of the season, but he has come back down to earth in recent weeks, opening the door for Yelich and Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado to emerge as candidates. Yelich currently stands with a .342 average which is second in the league behind Bellinger, who stands at .349 at the moment. Yelich’s 29 home runs lead the league, and his 63 RBI’s are second in the league behind Pittsburgh Pirate first basemen Josh Bell’s 66. His 91 hits also lead the team. There is more to this team that just Yelich however. Third baseman Mike Moustakas is having a great season as well. Moustakas is batting .280 with 22 home runs and 48 RBI’s. Catcher Yasmani Grandal is batting .271 with 17 home runs and 45 RBI’s as well.

The Brewers pitching, specifically their bullpen, is what carried them to the NLCS a year ago. This year, their pitching has fallen off a bit. Brandon Woodruff does lead the team with 9 wins but carries a 4.01 ERA. Zach Davies is back to form this season, sitting with a 7-1 record and a 3.06 ERA. Last year’s wins leader, Jhoulys Chacin, is having an awful 2019. Chacin currently sits with a 3-8 record and a 5.88 ERA. If the Brewers make more changes to their rotation, Chacin could be one of the pitchers replaced. That bullpen has had some issues though. Josh Hader has taken over the closer's role permanently and sits with 18 saves. This biggest difference has been the play of Jeremy Jeffress. His performance is down this season. He currently sits with a 3.81 ERA, a far cry from a year ago when he spent most of the season under one for is ERA.

As we approach the trade deadline, the Brewers are looking to add a more help to their rotation and perhaps a bullpen piece. They are financially constrained though, so they may have to keep going with what they have and hope for the best.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Brewers Look to Improve Pitching Roster | Ticket King Inc.

Ticket King
The Milwaukee Brewers currently feel that their starting rotation needs help, and in terms of budget Milwaukee is tapped. So here are some low-cost options for the Brewers to consider via trade.

Wade LeBlanc/LHP/Mariners- The Seattle Mariners raced out to a fast start to begin 2019, but have quickly fallen back to earth, and now sit at 23-30, good for last place in the American League West. LeBlanc is performing well and could be added to the Brewers rotation for the stretch run.

Trevor Cahill/RHP/Angels- So far this season, Cahill is 2-4 with a 6.43 ERA. He is much better than those numbers suggest and the Angels are probably not going anywhere this season.

Mike Minor/LHP/Rangers- The Texas Rangers are 26-25, good for second place in the American League West. There is no way in the world they are going to keep this up though. Minor is having a great season, his best in a long time, currently sitting at 5-3 with a 2.64 ERA.

Drew Smyly/LHP/Rangers- Minor’s current teammate, Smyly, is another pitcher whose numbers so far in 2019 aren’t really telling of the type of pitcher he is. Smyly’s style would fit well in a ballpark like Milwaukee’s.

Merrill Kelly/SP/Diamondbacks- Kelly looks to be the guy they should really consider. He currently sits at 4-5 with a 4.75 ERA so far this season, not too good, but not horrible either. It would cost little to trade for him and he would add little to the payroll.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Summerfest 2019 Complete List of Headliners | Ticket King Milwaukee

The SUMMERFEST 2019 headliners have been announced! We still have one more American Family Amphitheater show to be booked, as Ozzy had to back out of the fest due to health concerns. It's another great lineup, covering eleven days and nights. Be sure to check out all the early shows to, as the gates open at noon.

June 26, 2019: Thomas Rhett

DJ,  Steve Aoki - Rockers from Cincinnati, Walk the Moon - Classic throwback band, Foreigner -
Singer, Quinn XCII - Pop Sensation from the 90's, Hanson - Alt Rocers, Judah & The Lion - Indie Singer, Chelsea Cutler - Blues Rocker, Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio

June 27, 2019: Outlaw Music Festival

Singer, Lizzo - Country singer, Elle King - DJ, Gryffin - Soul band, St. Paul and the Broken Bones
- Country music by...LANco - Rockers, Neon Trees - The always entertaining Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Steve Earle & The Dukes - 10,000 Maniacs - Oldies rockers, Foghat and Andrew W.K.

June 28, 2019: Jason Aldean

Grammy Winning, Brandi Carlile - Comedy by...The Lonely Island - Rapper, T-Pain - Classic rock by STYX - Lovelytheband - Collective Soul - Milwaukee's favorite local band, GGOOLLDD

June 29, 2019: Bon Iver

From the 1970's rockers, Chicago to the 90's favorites Third Eye Blind. Representing "Emo" will be Jimmy Eat World. August Burns Red, Ludacris and Jordan Davis will also be headlinling on June 29th. Check the stage listings for each headline show.

June 30, 2019: Zac Brown Band

Brothers Osborne the country duo from Maryland will be the top performer on one of the side stages, along with 3 Doors Down.  Who else is hitting the top spot on 6/30? Lake Street Dive, Los Lonely Boys, Jimmie Allen, Guided by Voices, and Riley Green. Lastly, check out Ozomatli, and the always on point Reverend Horton Heat. Gothic Blues singer Adia Victoria will also headline on 6/30.  

July 2, 2019: Lionel Richie

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie will certainly sing his hit song "Drowning," which cracked the top fifty on the charts. Also listed for July 2 are Young the Giant, Chvrches, First Aid Kit, Chaka Khan, Big Gigantic, The Allman Betts Band, and many more.

July 3, 2019: Jennifer Lopez

Taking Back Sunday, will play on July 3, along with Loverboy and Switchfoot. The Roots will headline, Matoma, Soja, Lauren Alaina, Brandy Clark and The Royal Tusk will take top billing.

July 4th Change To Headliner - Ozzy Osbourne Cancelled

With Ozzy having health issues, his headline show is cancelled. Stay tuned for the new headliner.

July 4, 2019: Still to be Announced

The following dates and acts are all listed as headliners for the rest of the eleven day Summerfest run. See you at the fest!

July 4th continued:
X Ambassadors
Sublime with Rome
Courtney Barnett
Vic Mensa
Chris Janson
Chase Rice
Robert Randdolph & The Family Band

July 5, 2019: The Killers

Cole Swindell
The Head and The Heart
Dashboard Confessional
Cris Robinson Brotherhood
Jesus Jones
38 Special
The Spinners
Big Head Todd abd The Monsters
Trea Landon
Leonid & Friends

July 6, 2019: Billie Eilish

Chris Lane
Dark Star Orchestra
Brother Ali
Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound

July 7, 2019: Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Schoolboy Q

Jason Mraz
Rodrigo y Gabriela
La Sonora PonceƱa
Dylan Scott

Thursday, April 4, 2019

"Bold" Predictions for the 2019 MLB Season | Ticket King Inc.

MLB 2019
The 2019 MLB season is underway. Before we get too far in, let’s look at some potential outcomes for the season and answer them with our best guess.

1. The American League Central champion will finish with less than 85 wins- Just to quickly note, 81 wins is good for a .500 season. The AL Central enters 2019 as the weakest of the six divisions by a large margin. The Indians are still the favorites, but they are not as strong as they used to be. This division is up for grabs, and the winner could finish with less than 85 wins. Answer - Probably

2. The National League Cy Young Award winner will not be a “household name”- Baseball fans all know the household names, Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, Jacob DeGrom, etc. But, there are a lot of young talented arms across the league- Chris Paddack, Eric Lauer, Kyle Freeland, Walker Buehler, Dakota Hudson, Corbin Burnes, Freddie Peralta, Max Fried, Sean Newcomb, Kyle Wright, Aaron Nola, etc. None of the household names enter 2019 with positive outlooks except Kershaw. Answer - Maybe

3. Somebody else besides the Astros will win the American League West- This is the tightest grip on a division we’ve seen by one team in quite some time. But, as we have seen in the past, David can knock down Goliath in sports. Remember the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl? Or how about when the eighth seeded Golden State Warriors took out the top seeded Dallas Mavericks, owners of the league’s best record? However, those were one game contests in the playoffs, one series, and not the MLB. This is a 162, game season. Answer - No.

4. The Baltimore Orioles will win less than 50 games- The Orioles are in the early stages of an all out rebuild. This is not a good team. In fact, this is a team that just isn’t ready for prime time. Buck Showalter might very well retire mid-season, and the Orioles will stop caring after he does. Answer - Maybe

5. The Phillies will miss the playoffs in Bryce Harper’s first season- Yes, we know all about all of the free agency moves the Phillies have made the last couple of years, Harper, Andrew McCutchen, Jake Arrieta, etc. But, we’ve seen this story before in sports. Big free agency splashes does not necessarily equate success. Answer - Yes.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

2019 Summerfest Headline Shows | Ticket King Milwaukee

Summerfest 2019 is shaping up to be another great eleven day festival on Milwaukee's lakefront. As of this post, nine of the eleven headline shows have been announced. One of the biggest names to be gracing the American Family Insurance Amphitheater will be none other than Jennifer Lopez. "J-Lo" will be in Milwaukee on July 3rd.

Around the same time that we heard the news about Lopez, a classic pop star had announced that he would be performing at Summerfest on July 2. Lionel Richie and Michael McDonald will headline at the "Am Fam." Imagine a Lionel Richie set list. It will be hit after hit after hit. And rest assured, he will be performing all the best he has to offer. Who else will be coming to Summerfest 2019? Check the list below for your favorite.

    2019 Summerfest Headliners

  • Thomas Rhett & Dustin Lynch 6/26
  • Outlaw Music Festival 6/27
  • Jason Aldean & Kane Brown 6/28
  • Bon Iver - 6/29
  • The Killers - 7/5

Keep in mind that there are over a dozen stages at Summerfest, with music from noon to midnight each day. You won't be disappointed when you head on down to the festival grounds. There is food, fun and music, so what's not to like?