Sunday, August 25, 2019

AFC 2019 Final Outcome Predictions - Team by Team | Ticket King Inc.

In part one, T.J. Bryce previewed the NFC regular season. Let’s move onto the AFC regular season now.

AFC East
1. Patriots (13-3)- I know that I have said this for how many years running, but at some point, Father Time is coming for Tim Brady.  Father Time always gets his way. One must wonder if the Patriots would have had this much success in a stronger division.  One could wonder if Brady’s offensive line has kept him in the game for many more years than your average team. We could wonder about a bunch of scenarios, but “tick-tock”.  
2. Bills (5-11) - This is just simply year two in the Bills rebuild. Nothing to see here for this seaons, so move along.
3. Jets (5-11)- Same as above. The division is weak, making the Patriots look strong, and at some point one of these AFC East teams will topple the Patriots. Not this season for the Jets.
4. Dolphins (5-11)- Also entering a rebuild,  I see no difference between the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins in 2019, which is why I give them all five wins.

AFC South
1. Colts (11-5)- I was getting ready to crown Andrew Luck, but as “luck” have it, he injures his leg during offseason workouts. He could be ready to go week one, but nobody knows for sure. Still, this is a good team, and at some point, he will shake off that injury and be just fine. But how long will this injury linger?
2. Titans (10-6)- These young Titans are good, and at some point this will correlate into playoff success. Will that happen in 2019?  10-6 could get them into the playoffs, if the Colts get bogged down.
3. Texans (9-7)- Another good young team due for a breakout season at some point.
4. Jaguars (5-11)- Did the Jaguars buy fools gold with Nick Foles this offseason? I don’t think his playoff success with the Eagles translates to the Jaguars.  

AFC North
1. Browns (11-5)- How in the world did this happen? According to the Vegas books, the Cleveland Browns are the top pick to win the Super Bowl. What planet are we on right now? We must be on the wrong planet or something. I would have never possibly envisioned a world where the Cleveland Browns are the best team in the NFL, but that is world we could very well be living in soon. Or, the Vegas oddsmakers are just looking for the windfall that comes with all those crazy enough to put money down on the Browns. I give them a divisin title in 2019, so who knows?
2. Ravens (8-8)- I don’t think Lamar Jackson is going to last in the NFL, and he will get injured at some point like every other running quarterback has, possibly even this season. If he settles into a “normal” quarterback setting, he’s then going to have to change the very nature that got him a spot in the big leagues. That’s not a proven winner either. Still, the Ravens defense is looking solid, and that might keep them in close games.  
3. Steelers (7-9)- It’s one last hurrah for Big Ben, but it probably won’t end well.
4. Bengals (5-11)- What in the world happened to “Red Rifle”? Three years ago, “Red Rifle” Andy Dalton entered the season as the MVP favorite and the Bengals were the best team in the league. They have a new direction, and found a head coach now, so we will see how this goes.

AFC West
1. Chiefs (12-4)- We know one thing about Andy Reid, his teams never underperform during the regular season. This team has everything a team needs to win a Super Bowl. But will they get it done?
2. Chargers (10-6)- Phillip Rivers and his “Renegade Rebels” known as the Los Angeles Chargers are all set for a spectacular season in 2019. They need All-Pro Melvin Gordon, and he is holding out. Unlike the Cowboys, the Chargers can play hardball because of Phillip Rivers, a future hall of fame quarterback who can make up for deficiencies.
3. Broncos (7-9) - I don’t know what they are thinking with the Joe Flacco trade or what they plan on accomplishing. This is not a very good team right now.
4. Raiders (6-10) - Another team you have to ask what happened? A few years ago, the Raiders were the hot young team in the league on the rise. But there was just something about that roster that didn’t fit, so they took it apart and rebuilt it.


Good Team Most Likely To Fall - Chargers: Yes, Rivers allows them to mask many things. But Melvin Gordon is a superior running back. Without him, the team could drop off.  

Team Most Likely To Rise Above - Bengals: Perhaps a coaching change is just what the doctor ordered in Cincinnati.

Risky Pick - Giving the Steelers 7 wins: The Steelers have been a good team for a very long time. But that is about to come to an end. Ben is old and getting older. If the Steelers have a bad season, it would not surprise me in the least bit if Ben sat before the end the season, and would Mike Tomlin follow him out the door during the offseason?

Dark Horse Teams- Bills/Jets/Dolphins- They all have a super talented second-year quarterback that could take the next big step at any moment.