Thursday, August 29, 2019

AFC Playoff Picture & Prediction | Ticket King

We continue our big NFL preview, with part four taking us to the AFC Playoffs. This post is just for fun, and actual results may turn out to be completely different. Still, it's T.J. Bryce's job to offer up a guess as to how things will turn out at the end of the NFL season. 

Seed Order - 1: Patriots 2: Chiefs 3: Colts 4: Browns 5: Titans 6: Chargers

Wild Card Weekend

Colts (3) vs. Chargers (6)- Our first AFC matchup of Wild Card Weekend features a future hall of famer and perhaps the best quarterback in the league (when healthy).

Why the Colts will win: After recovering from now what is being called a high ankle sprain, Andrew Luck is finally ready to take the throne that is rightfully his atop the NFL. He fires the football around Lucas Oil Stadium all afternoon, putting up video game-like numbers.

Why the Chargers will win: The Colts may have the home field but the Chargers are the better team. They will flex that muscle in all facets of the game, and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will pull out all the stops to end Andrew Luck’s Super Bowl dreams.

Prediction: Colts win 35-28 because of the home field.

Browns (4) vs. Titans (5)- Somebody pinch me. The Browns are back in the playoffs. Seriously people, this right here is proof the world has gone stark-raving mad.

Why the Browns will win: After two decades of bad choices, the Browns finally have their quarterback in Baker Mayfield. This is a talented young team on the rise, and they only got better this offseason. Mayfield and Odell Beckham will pick on that suspect secondary all afternoon, and the Browns win a playoff game for the first time since 1994.

Why the Titans will win: The Titans will win because well, it’s the Browns. At some point, the god of everything football will pop out from behind a door and shout “Gotcha” to 20 million Browns fans across the country.

Prediction: Sorry doubters. This world is upside down. Browns win 31-20.

Divisional Playoff Weekend

Chiefs (2) vs. Colts (3)- Oh my word. Do you like superstar quarterbacks that can fire a football? This is the game for you.

Why the Chiefs will win: The Chiefs will win because they have perhaps the best roster in the league at the moment. Pat Mahomes is a superstar who already has an MVP to his name. The Chiefs use their elite passing game to overwhelm to Colts, and advance.

Why the Colts will win: For as great as Mahomes is when Andrew Luck is healthy, he is the best there is. Head coach Frank Reich puts together a marvelous gameplan and the Colts pull off the upset.

Prediction: Once Andrew Luck gets healthy, I have a feeling there is something magical that is going to happen with the Colts towards the end of the season. Colts advanced 42-35 in what is going to be an incredible game. Luck throws six touchdown passes and Mahomes throws five.

Patriots (1) vs. Browns (4)- Who in their right mind ever thought the Patriots Divisional Playoff opponent at home would ever be the Cleveland Browns? That’s exactly what we have here.

Why the Patriots will win: The Patriots will win because they are the Patriots. They have a massive edge in big-game experience and will use that, coasting to an easy victory.

Why the Browns will win: Even though the Patriots have the experience, the Browns have the much better team. Mayfield and Beckham continue their playoff magic from a week ago, and a redeemed Kareem Hunt runs for 150 yards against this suspect Patriots rushing defense.

Prediction: In any other universe the Patriots win this game every time. But, the one we live in has gone mad. The Browns pull the upset of the century 34-27 and 30 years from now, a movie will be made about this game called “The Game That Broke the Internet.”