Friday, August 23, 2019

Ticket King Asks T.J. Bryce to Predict The Entire 2019 NFL Outcome | Part One

Some NFL football fans like like to think that they can light their magic candle, shake some dried bones, and see visions of the future.  Some of these fans take it week by week, preferring to see who's on injured reserve, who's coming off a terrible game, before they predict the next win or loss. That's not how our “In House” sports fan, T.J. Bryce likes to read the proverbial tea leaves. T.J. has spent some serious time putting together his entire NFL season preview. We also turn to T.J. because so many Ticket King employees are biased Packers fans. With a clear head, T.J. gives us his straight shot when it comes to the NFL.

It’s hard to believe, but the 2019 NFL season is almost upon us. This has been a very precarious preseason, and most teams have been very careful with their star players. As I look at the landscape to begin this season, I see a league that is potentially wide open, thanks to one very important off season injury, which I will get to when I get to that player’s team. Once we get to the playoffs, match ups will matter more than ever.

Part One, the NFC Regular Season.

NFC East
1. Eagles (11-5)- The Eagles elected to let Nick Foles walk away and stuck with their original plan. However, Carson Wentz is one more major injury away from his career potentially coming to an end early and the Eagles will be short one major player, their QB.
2. Cowboys (10-6)- This is a very cautious 10-6 prediction. Ezekiel Elliot is holding out, but the reports are he will sign soon.
3. Redskins (5-11)- We could potentially see four different men start at quarterback for the Redskins this season- Case Keenum, Colt McCoy, rookie Dwayne Haskins, and Alex Smith.
4. Giants (3-13)- The Giants are rebuilding. At some point during the season, they could possibly turn to first-round draft choice Daniel Jones as they look to the future.

NFC South
1. Saints (11-5)- Drew Brees is on his final legs, and the Saints magic they have had the last two seasons could run out at any moment. I know that I have predicted his drop off for the past two seasons, but Brees just keeps ticking along.  
T-2. Falcons (10-6)- This is forgotten team due to their performance since the Super Bowl meltdown. They are ready to put that behind them. Matt Ryan is going to have a really good year.
T-2. Panthers (10-6)- Some say that if “Cam Newton is healthy, the Panthers can beat anyone on any day.” or “As Cam Newton goes, so go the Panthers.” Cam didn’t crack the top five in quarterback stats last season, falling below Rodgers, Brady, Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins, Matt Stafford, and Drew Brees. So is he still a top ten QB in the league? We’ll find out this season.
4. Buccaneers (5-11)- They have never really been able to find their footing with Jameis Winston, and one must begin to wonder if they ever will.

NFC North
1. Bears (12-4)- Are the Bears a one-hit-wonder? Probably not. They have taken control of this division, and that defense is scary. For them to take the next step, so must Mitch Trubisky.
2. Vikings (10-6)- The Vikings are all in for 2019. But how far can they actually go?
3. Packers (8-8)- Aaron Rodgers and new head coach Matt LaFleur have been arguing all off season about this, that, and the other. First it was play calling, then it was joint practises, now, well, who knows. 8 wins could be optimistic, as this could be a car wreck waiting to happen. However, this preseason has shown that the offensive line is giving the back up quarterbacks time in the pocket, and if that keeps up in the regular season, Rodgers will shred opponents with the core of wide outs that the Packers has. I’m sticking with my 8-8 record, but hoping for a nice surprise.  
4. Lions (4-12)- Another year, another bad season in the Motor City. At some point, they are going to have to accept that this is not working with Matthew Stafford, trade him for a load of draft choices, and try something else.

NFC West
1. Rams (12-4)- The Rams are coming off one of the most embarrassing Super Bowl performances by an entire team in recent memory. How much will that affect them going into 2019?   
2. Seahawks (8-8)- Russell Wilson is going to somehow keep this team afloat for another season, but at some point, they are going to have to lay the dynamite and push the lever.
3. 49ers (6-10)- Jimmy G looked bad in his return to the field, posting a 0.0 QB rating last week in limited playing time after a torn ACL caused him to miss almost all of 2018. Is that a mirage, or a bad omen?
4. Cardinals (2-14)- The Arizona Cardinals have become football’s great experiment. They are the first team that is going to try a true “college” offense in the NFL. Will it work, or will it be just another fad that will end up on the wayside of NFL lore? Either way, we won’t know this season.

NFL Side Notes

Good Team Likely To Take A Fall - Rams: The Rams are facing a potential Super Bowl hangover that every other loser of the big game goes through. Do they use the loss as inspiration, or does the team fold like a house of cards.

Bad Team Likely To Rise - 49ers: We shouldn’t put too much stock in six pass attempts in a preseason game. Jimmy G is the real deal, and we know that.

Cautious Optimism Team – Falcons: Looking at this Falcons team over the last 7 or 8 years or so, outside of the Super Bowl run, this team is much better on paper than their performances show them to be. They aways seem to be on the cusp of something great.  

Dark Horse Team - Cowboys: Now that it appears the Ezekiel Elliot situation is about settled, this is a very dangerous team once he gets back on the field, and Jason Garrett is finding his mojo as a head coach.