Sunday, September 1, 2019

NFL Championship Game and Super Bowl Predictions | Ticket King Inc.

We have reached Conference Championship Weekend in our big NFL preview. This very lengthy set of posts is for entertainment purposes only. It's our Ticket King version of which teams in the NFC will take top honors, predicted well before the first snap of the regular season in 2019.

NFC Championship Game:
Bears (1) vs. Eagles (3)- This will still be a very hard-hitting game, but it will not be nearly as vicious or nasty as the Bears vs.Vikings game from a week prior.

Why the Bears will win: The Bears will win because after a sloppy Divisional Playoff performance, Mitch Trubisky continues his rise, returning to his late-season form, tossing three touchdown passes and makes excellent decisions all game long. Matt Nagy has prepared an outstanding gameplan, and new defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano makes the most out of his superstar linebacking unit, getting in the face of Carson Wentz all afternoon.

Why the Eagles will win: The Bears may be the better team, but the Eagles have the experience. Doug Pederson is becoming a master of playoff upsets, and much like a week before pulls off another one. Carson Wentz somehow finds holes in this talented secondary, and the Eagles do just enough to win.

Prediction: Yes, Doug Pederson pulls off the big upset the week prior, but lightning doesn’t strike twice. The Bears advance to the Super Bowl 27-13, exactly how I laid it out.

AFC Championship Game: (Note, this prediction was before Luck decided to retire. We kept it in, since we enjoyed T.J.'s prediction so much.) 
Colts (3) vs. Browns (4)- Two years ago, if you thought the 2020 AFC Championship game would be the Colts and the Browns, raise your hand. Liar liar pants on fire. But that is exactly what we have here. Somewhere Jim Brown is having flashbacks.

Why the Colts will win: The Colts will win because Andrew Luck continues his late-season and playoff magic. Frank Reich puts together an incredible gameplan, and Luck is too much for that Browns secondary. Luck throws for over 350 yards and four touchdown passes.

Why the Browns will win: I don’t know people. This world has gone crazy, but I don’t think anything can top “The Game That Broke The Internet.” Drunk on celebration, the Browns continue their mojo. Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham continue their late-season and playoff assault on opposing secondaries as Beckham finds the endzone three times, and Mayfield tosses two more for a total of five.

Prediction: As much as I don’t want to say it, the Browns miracle ends here. There’s something special going on with Andrew Luck, and the Colts win 34-30 when Luck finds T.Y. Hilton in the right corner of the endzone with 18 seconds left to win the game and send the Colts to Miami.Super Bowl LIV:

Bears (NFC Champions) vs. Colts (AFC Champions) - Well here we have it. The last two standing. A rematch of XLI.

Why the Bears will win: The Bears will win because it is their time. Mitch Trubisky continues his late season and playoff form. Matt Nagy puts together an offensive gameplan that helps Trubisky find holes in this secondary all night. Tarik Cohen gives the Bears offense balance with a strong performance on the ground, running for 125 yards and a touchdown.

Why the Colts will win: The Colts will win because Andrew Luck will continue his magic and his assent to the top of the mountain. The Bears defense is incredible, but they have yet to see a quarterback this good who is firing on all cylinders like Luck will be heading into this game. The Steelers entered Super Bowl 45 with a loaded defense, and Aaron Rodgers simply tore it to shreds. Something similar will happen here.

Prediction: The magic gets its fantasy ending, as Andrew Luck and the Colts win 38-27, thanks to five touchdown passes by Luck who puts on a Super Bowl MVP performance. Andrew Luck takes his throne and slams it down on top of the NFL Mountain, where it belongs.