Friday, October 16, 2020

Packers Tickets - Road Games in 2020 - Ticket King Wisconsin

As professional sports leagues have tried their best to return to some form of play, it is only natural for the fans to wonder if they too will be able to join in on the live action. Major League Baseball is deep into the 2020 playoffs, with no fans in the stands. The NHL wrapped up their short season in the same fashion. The most successful league in handling the pandemic would be the NBA. Their "bubble" was 100% effective, and fans got to see some great basketball as a reward. For Wisconsinites, we look to the Green Bay Packers. Where does the NFL stand when it comes to fans in the stands?

Each NFL team has the option to allow for fans to attend games, mostly in a limited number. NFL teams around the league are making decisions based on a number of factors. Case counts in the local region, whether the stadium is open air, or in a dome, even a bit of politics may come into play. When it comes to games at Lambeau Field, the first two home games of the 2020 season were going to be without fans right out of the box. From there, the Packers would make decisions based on the spread of the outbreak, and how well the state is handling things. Sadly, that has meant that Packers have little luck in getting "fans in the stands." Wisconsin remains a hot spot, especially the Green Bay and Fox Valley Region. It's quite unlikely that there will be any fans at Lambeau Field until the numbers go down. 

Ticket King for Packers Road Games in 2020

Ticket King has received calls for Packers tickets to road games. If our loyal fans can't see the team at home, they have started to look into road trips for the 2020 season. Call our office at (800)334-5434 for Packers road game tickets.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Brewers Make Notable Moves for 2020 | Ticket King Inc.

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The Brewers had a rather busy off season, full of moves both big and small.  After fielding a very competitive team for the past two seasons, it's time to see if the Brewers can repeat this feat a third year in a row. Let’s dive into the notable moves for 2020.

Zach Davies Trade- In late November, the Milwaukee Brewers traded starting pitcher Zach Davies and outfielder Trent Grisham to the San Diego Padres for left-handed pitcher Eric Lauer and infielder Luis Urias. Lauer is expected to fix a hole in the Brewers rotation, and Urias is expected to play shortstop, after he recovers from wrist surgery.  

Orlando Arcia/SS- The former prized prospect is running out of chances to make his mark. Milwaukee gave him a one-year contract and 2020 will be his final chance.  His defensive production was what kept him in the starting rotation, but that has since slipped.  

Keon Broxton/OF- In early December, the Brewers elected to sign Keon Broxton to a minor league deal. This includes an invitation to spring training. Will Broxton be the fourth outfielder at Miller Park this season?

Josh Lindblom/SP- On December 9th, David Stearns made a very interesting move, adding starting pitcher Josh Lindblom, a man who spent the last three seasons in the Korean League, on a three-year contract.

Avisail Garcia/OF- The Brewers added Garcia on a two-year contract. Based on who else is going to be in camp in Arizona with the club competing for an outfield spot, something tells me that David Stearns may have finally found a taker for Ryan Braun, and the details are still being worked out.

Eric Sogard/INF- In late December, Stearns brought back a former Brewer, Sogard to provide infield depth. Sogard did not produce the last time he was in a Brewers uniform, but while playing for the Blue Jays and Rays, his numbers improved. He hit 13 home runs in 2019, but what helped land him this Brewers contract was his play on defense and his ability to get the ball up in the air. He’s reduced his ground out rate considerably.

Justin Smoak/1B- On that same day, they added Smoak, who is expected to be the starting first baseman this season. Smoak has to prove himself. 2019 was not the best season for Smoak, batting just .208 for Toronto. Braun could slide into that position, should Justin flame out.

Craig Counsell- To be sure, the Brewers have hitched their wagon to Counsell, who got a big contract extension through the 2023 season. Let’s see if the gamble pays off in the long haul.

Jedd Gyroko/INF- The Brewers added Gyroko on a one-year contract in January and he is expected to be the other reserve infielder besides Sogard. Gyroko had an injury plagued 2019 season, so the contract with the Brewers includes incentives based on plate appearances. Specifically, Gyroko will fit at third against left handed pitchers. He can also produce against those same left handed opposing pitchers.

Shelby Miller/RHP- Milwaukee is going to try to rebuild this former prized prospect of the St. Louis Cardinals. This first round draft pick, way back when, wound up as an All Star in 2015. That came crashing down when he was traded to the Diamondbacks. His fastball was hitting just over 94 mph last year, and the Brew Crew picked him up with a minor league contract.  

Monday, January 20, 2020

What to Fix in Green Bay After NFC Championship Loss | Ticket King

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The Green Bay Packers went quietly into the night Sunday, losing 37-20 to the San Francisco 49ers. Still, it was an amazing season for the Packers, as they were expected to win seven games as coach and quarterback argued their way through the season. Instead, they won 13 games, were the two seed in the NFC, and reached the NFC Championship game. Let’s look at what the Packers need to fix for 2020.  

1. The Rush defense - What doomed the Packers all season and sunk them in the NFC Championship game was the rush defense. The pass rush was greatly improved by the Smith boys, and the pass defense was well improved also. But their rush defense needs work. Re-signing Blake Martinez will help, but they need to add an inside linebacker next to him, as well as a big body up front to help Kenny Clark stop the run. 

2. Rebuild the wide receiver unit behind Davante Adams- Yes, Davante Adams is about as good as it gets in the NFL right now. But, the depth behind him is not good at the moment. Marques Valdez-Scantling has really regressed in year two. It may be time to get rid of them all and start from zero. Possibly add two receivers in the draft early, and another one in free agency.

3. Add another young tight end- The Packers have been kicking the can down the road at the tight end position ever since the spinal injury that ended the career of JerMichael Finley. That needs to end. Marcedes Lewis may have played his last NFL game Sunday night, and Jimmy Graham may have as well. If not, it release Graham and do not re-sign Lewis. Robert Tonyan is a decent player and rookie Jace Sternberger’s first season was stunted by injuries. He could become something more. Add two tight ends in the draft, one early, and one late.

4. Backup quarterback position – The Packers are trusting Rodgers to stick with the team for the forseeable future, but might do well to pick up a veteran quarterback as backup. When the time comes for Rodgers to fade out, that’s when the team should draft a future starter. For now, pick up a trusted vet.

5. Safety depth- The Packers starting safeties are good, and Raven Greene could still be a solid player for them who covers tight ends and running backs, but the Packers need to add more safety depth, possibly two in the draft. One in the mid-rounds, and one in the later rounds.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Who Will Win Both AFC and NFC Champioships This Weekend | Ticket King Green Bay & Milwaukee

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Ticket King Conference Championship  - Weekend Preview

Raise your hands if at the beginning of the season you thought the last four teams standing would be the 49ers, Packers, Titans, and Chiefs.  For those of you that raised your hand, I’m guessing you are either a fortune teller or fibbing just a bit. Either way, let’s preview the two games coming up this weekend.

AFC Championship Game: Chiefs vs. Titans

Why the Titans will win - The Titans will win because Derek Henry is the hottest running back in the NFL right now. He is the first running back in NFL history to run for 180 yards in three straight games. He extends that to four this week, going for 35 carries for 208 yards, and three touchdowns. Ryan Tannehill finally throws for over 100 yards, 137 to be exact, making enough plays in the passing game to keep the defense honest. The Titans defense makes enough plays to hold the high powered Chiefs offense down just enough to win the game. Final Score: 34-30.

Why the Chiefs will win – This past weekend, the Chiefs offense showed us just how scary they can be, when they rattled off seven unanswered touchdowns against the tough Texans defense. The Chiefs keep that hot hand going into this game, as Pat Mahomes throws five more touchdown passes. The Chiefs score enough points early in the game that the Titans have to abandon Derek Henry. As a result, the Chiefs run over the Titans by a score of 45-24.

Final Result: Chiefs win.

NFC Championship Game: 49ers vs. Packers

Why the Packers will win - The Packers will win because Matt LaFleur learns from his mistakes. The Packers were woefully unprepared when they got their butts kicked in back in November by these same 49ers. LaFleur’s game plan is constantly evolving and will evolve once again for this game. Everybody thinks that the Packers are going to get stomped again, but they are essentially playing this game with a big stack of house money. The team has nothing to lose, and everything to gain. The Packers come out of the gate playing the role of riverboat gambler, bluffing, dodging that high pressure San Francisco defense, and taking a few chances. A blocked punt sets them up with great field position, and on the first snap, they run a trick play to score a touchdown. On their second possession, the first play is a flea-flicker that Davante Adams nearly takes the distance, setting up a Jones run into the end zone. The Packers go on top quick with these first two plays, and then ride that momentum to the finish line, winning 38-24.

Why the 49ers will win - The 49ers will win because this isn’t Madden Football. This is a reality. And the reality is the 49ers are going to coast to a Super Bowl (also winning that game,) with the Saints and Ravens out of the equation. The 49ers are by far the best team remaining. They will run the ball and at the same time stuff the Packers run and pass efforts. The Packers will be overpowered and pull away late. Final score: 31-17, 49ers.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Ticket King Green Bay | Wild Card Weekend Predictions

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Ticket King Green Bay brings you our version of the "Wild Card Weekend Preview."

The 2020 NFL Playoffs are upon us. Let’s dive right in and preview Wild Card Weekend.  We tried to figure out how or why each team will or will not win their game. We hope you enjoy our educated guesses. 


(3)Patriots vs. (6)Titans

Why the Titans will win- The Titans will win because the Patriots defense can’t stop Derek Henery. Ryan Tannehill continues his impressive play over the second half with a three-touchdown performance. The Patriots have been exposed this season, and for the first time in as long as we can remember will lose as playoff home game.

Why the Patriots will win- The Patriots will win because they have lulled everyone into a false sense of security. “Oh, the Patriots are dead now,” they all say. Well, the Patriots are about to come to life and show us that they are still the “Evil Empire.”

Final score: 34-24 Patriots.

(4)Texans vs. (5)Bills

Why the Bills will win- The Bills are back in the playoffs. This is the more legitimate team in almost two decades. That defense is for real, and the offense led by Josh Allen makes enough plays to pull off a tough playoff road victory.

Why the Texans will win- The Texans have one of the most dynamic young quarterbacks in the game in DeShaun Watson. He will terrorize the Bills defense with his ability to run and pass. Carlos Hyde rushes for 120 yards, and the Texans advance to Baltimore.

Final Score: 31-20 Texans


(3)Saints vs. (6)Vikings

Why the Vikings will win- It’s going to take a miracle for the boys in purple to pull this one off, and they do just that. Kirk Cousins has the game of his life, throwing for four touchdown passes. Dalvin Cook returns for injury to add 115 yards and a pair of touchdowns of his own on the ground.

Why the Saints will win- Ladies and gentlemen, the Saints are not just winning. They are pillaging, plundering, and taking no prisoners. They are firing on all cylinders and they roll on into round two, one more win away from an epic rematch with the 49ers.

Final Score: 45-24 Saints, with a late junk touchdown by the Vikings. As I said, it’s going to take a miracle for the Vikings to pull this one off.

(4)Eagles vs. (5) Seahawks

Why the Seahawks will win- Right now Seattle is down for the count. Their top two running backs on the depth chart right now weren’t on the roster all season, and they are down to four healthy receivers. But there’s something that smells of playoff run about this team. I don’t know what it is, all I know is I can smell it.

Why the Eagles will win- The suddenly hot Eagles won the NFC East at the buzzer from the Cowboys, and now enter the playoffs on a little bit of a streak. The playoffs are where Doug Pederson is making his magic work, and he does it yet again. 

Final Score: 31-24 Eagles