Friday, January 17, 2020

Who Will Win Both AFC and NFC Champioships This Weekend | Ticket King Green Bay & Milwaukee

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Ticket King Conference Championship  - Weekend Preview

Raise your hands if at the beginning of the season you thought the last four teams standing would be the 49ers, Packers, Titans, and Chiefs.  For those of you that raised your hand, I’m guessing you are either a fortune teller or fibbing just a bit. Either way, let’s preview the two games coming up this weekend.

AFC Championship Game: Chiefs vs. Titans

Why the Titans will win - The Titans will win because Derek Henry is the hottest running back in the NFL right now. He is the first running back in NFL history to run for 180 yards in three straight games. He extends that to four this week, going for 35 carries for 208 yards, and three touchdowns. Ryan Tannehill finally throws for over 100 yards, 137 to be exact, making enough plays in the passing game to keep the defense honest. The Titans defense makes enough plays to hold the high powered Chiefs offense down just enough to win the game. Final Score: 34-30.

Why the Chiefs will win – This past weekend, the Chiefs offense showed us just how scary they can be, when they rattled off seven unanswered touchdowns against the tough Texans defense. The Chiefs keep that hot hand going into this game, as Pat Mahomes throws five more touchdown passes. The Chiefs score enough points early in the game that the Titans have to abandon Derek Henry. As a result, the Chiefs run over the Titans by a score of 45-24.

Final Result: Chiefs win.

NFC Championship Game: 49ers vs. Packers

Why the Packers will win - The Packers will win because Matt LaFleur learns from his mistakes. The Packers were woefully unprepared when they got their butts kicked in back in November by these same 49ers. LaFleur’s game plan is constantly evolving and will evolve once again for this game. Everybody thinks that the Packers are going to get stomped again, but they are essentially playing this game with a big stack of house money. The team has nothing to lose, and everything to gain. The Packers come out of the gate playing the role of riverboat gambler, bluffing, dodging that high pressure San Francisco defense, and taking a few chances. A blocked punt sets them up with great field position, and on the first snap, they run a trick play to score a touchdown. On their second possession, the first play is a flea-flicker that Davante Adams nearly takes the distance, setting up a Jones run into the end zone. The Packers go on top quick with these first two plays, and then ride that momentum to the finish line, winning 38-24.

Why the 49ers will win - The 49ers will win because this isn’t Madden Football. This is a reality. And the reality is the 49ers are going to coast to a Super Bowl (also winning that game,) with the Saints and Ravens out of the equation. The 49ers are by far the best team remaining. They will run the ball and at the same time stuff the Packers run and pass efforts. The Packers will be overpowered and pull away late. Final score: 31-17, 49ers.